It's official...

Black Belt testing (pretest at least) has been postponed until further notice.

We rather expected it, honestly. And I am relieved that they did decide to postpone it. We simply can't test properly right now, there's too many of us.

Meanwhile, we keep practicing, we keep working towards maxing out the situps, pushups and trying to get that 1.5 mile run down to 15 minutes or less(hahahahahaha...).

Blue Man Group, which we had tickets for, and was scheduled for tonight, has also been postponed, indefinitely. Had to find that out by going to the website, since they couldn't be bothered to announce it.

In other news, my subconscious decided I needed to be yelled at in a dream, and it upset me so badly, that I literally woke up crying. Stupid brain.

Fat little groundhog was foraging under the flowering quince. Cute little guy. I say little because it was half the size of the one that lives under the murder shed out back.

One thing this pandemic has given me, is time to actually try out new recipes and do real cooking. So tonight we're trying Slow Cooker Citrus Salmon with Melted Leeks. Possibly oven roasted asparagus on the side. If it turns out good and is tasty, I'll post a photo and the recipe.

Got called a naysayer yesterday, for saying it was unnecessary and excessive, about the video of the guy on Facebook, claiming we needed to leave our *groceries* in our cars for *three days*.

I posted exactly what the CDC, FDA and USDA, as well as USPS all said- that it wasn't necessary, that we could bring in groceries the day we buy them, and as a *precaution*, wipe down pertinant containers, put stuff in other containers as we normally would, properly dispose of all excess packaging, then thoroughly wash our hands. That the CDC has *never* said we needed to leave our groceries in our cars for 3 days.

Someone posted an 'updated' video, saying, well, he's a doctor in Grand Rapids, Michigan, you're not, so I believe what he says. My thought was, 'Great! I'll ask *my family that lives there if they ever heard of this guy!' But I didn't post it. I merely asked if his so called updated video told you to do what the *CDC suggested*, otherwise, *I* personally was going to follow *the CDC guidelines*, not some random guy, I don't even know, posting on *Facebook*. (They said 'he was reading through the CDC guidelines, which means 1) he was talking out his ass in the original video, and 2) no, he still wasn't telling them to follow CDC guidelines. That shit is infuriating, honestly.)

I mean, seriously people. Common sense. I really wanted to Ok, Boomer, or whatever, Karen, them. Why are we white people so damn ignorant and lacking in common sense?!? So tired of the rumors, the false information, the sheer stupidity.

Today's numbers in Virginia-

6189 tested
460 postives
65 hospitalized
13 dead

3 positives in my County still.

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