[info]wolfsilveroak wrote
on March 25th, 2020 at 02:26 pm

Round 1- Fight!

Only not really. Heh.

Took Mark to work so I could get groceries. We needed gas, so I told him to drop me off at Kroger, I'd see if there was any toilet paper or paper towel, while he got gas.

We got there around 715, 15 minutes after they opened, he decided to park and come in, letting me out at the door, because of idiots who can't drive.

Because it wasn't our normal Kroger, it took a few minutes to figure out where paper goods were. Once there, I grabbed on of the last packages of paper towels and had just stepped up on the shelf to grab one of the last packages of toilet paper. He snagged the other- it was too far back for me to get.

They're limiting it to 1 package per customer, so we were going to go to separate checkouts, but an older gentleman came down the aisle, and I asked if he was looking for toilet paper. He looked at the now empty shelf, his shoulders sagged and he said yes. So Mark gave him his package. WE didn't really need 12 rolls anyway, a 6 pk was enough.

Also managed to find a couple spray bottles of antibacterial cleaner(!). Lemi-Shine. There were 3 bottles and I pulled the last to the front. Mark took one to work.

So, round 2 was after I dropped him off and went back for the rest of our groceries.

This time I was ready to fight by the end. Seriously, what part of *6ft apart* do people not understand?!?

I managed to get all the fresh veggies I was looking for. The produce section is looking much better stocked lately. Then I hit the aisles and had to keep backtracking because of people down aisles- trying to keep my distance, mind. But then there's the fools who stand really close to you when you're already on an aisle, getting canned goods. Or deliberately choose the register right next to you in the self checkout that's less than 6ft apart.

By the time I was done, I was absolutely ready to go home. Luckily, I managed to get everything at one store.

So I came home, put stuff away and then proceeded to make my house smell like Lemi-Shine. Heh. Mark said his office smelled like it too.

People are still passing around crap information. Things like, you need to wipe down everything you get in the mail or delivered. Like takeout isn't safe because you can get it from the food. That sort of thing.

Ummm, no. The CDC, FDA, USDA, even the USPS, has said, repeatedly, that mail and packages are unlikely to carry the virus, that the chances of getting it from that sort of stuff is very low. Same with takeout. And food that's properly cooked, would kill the virus.

Now, I'm all for being cautious. But there's being cautious and there's going overboard. I can just see it now, people making themselves sick by ingesting cleaning products they used on their food stuffs.}:/

Stats for Virginia- 5370 tested, 391 positive, 59 hospitalized, 10 dead. (Yesterday- 4470, 290, 45, 7)

3 in my County now.

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