Status- holding steady

Not on lockdown here yet.

Mark got his 'essential personnal papers' for when we do go into a lockdown/shelter in place status. So he can still go to work.

He says Norwell, where they have another office, goes on lockdown tomorrow at noon. So it's coming for Virginia as well. Likely later this week.

Just means we'll either have to go grocery shopping on weekends, as soon as the stores open, or before he goes to work on Weds so I can be dropped back off at home.

Either way, we'll still have funds coming in, so that'll help.

Got our first positive case of the virus in our County this weekend. A 70yr old woman who is self isolating. Every County surrounding us now has at least one case. It's slowly moving west into the more rural areas, unsurprisingly.

Today, it's raining, so can't do my mile+ walk. Hopefully it washes the pollen out of the air though, so it'll give my sinuses a break.

Need to get milk, eggs, yogurt and a few vitamins, maybe a package of toilet paper and paper towel to have as back up, at the grocery store this week. Here's hoping.

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