[info]wolfsilveroak wrote
on March 18th, 2020 at 12:22 pm

Getting my steps in...

That's for sure.

Went for a run/walk this morning, about .89 miles. That's 2 laps up and down the driveway, about have of it at a jog. That's getting easier at least.

Then I took Mark to work and hit the grocery stores on the way home. Most are now closed overnight for cleaning and restock of whatever they can- which is *a lot*.

I kept telling myself not to be too optimistic, that I'll be lucky to get what I can get, if it's half my list, that'll have to do. Especially since there's others who won't even be able to do that.

Stayed away from our lone, small Food Lion in town- there's plenty who live here who can't go 25+ miles to another store, so they'll need what our local store has more than me.

Hit up Kroger first. As I was going in, an older woman said good luck! She had several bags of things, but obviously wasn't a hoarder. Several other people also had full carts, but didn't appear to have dozens of any one item, so that was hopeful.

An hour later, I had 3/4 of my list and a few items that hadn't been on my list. That was *amazing* to me. I only got 2-3 of each item, to restock our existing supplies mainly, but they had Kraft Mac & Cheese on sale 10 for $10, so I grabbed 6 boxes of those. My niece likes to eat that, so we keep multiple boxes on hand. Passed by the only apple juice they had left- it was a WIC item, best left for those that need it and I can go elsewhere. Cat litter was surprisingly empty. I'm glad Morrigan isn't picky about her litter. Unlike her dry food. Ugh.

Getting pet food yesterday was fun. Mark had to go to 2 different stores to find dry dog food that both dogs could eat if needed. Chewy delayed our dry cat food order, so we had to find that as well. Luckily PetCo had it in stock, I was able to buy it online and have him pick it up at the front of the store. Maybe next week, I can order a back up bag from Chewy, after the buying slows again.

Hit Walmart for KT tape, Tiger Balm, and more cat litter. Found sugar and rice there. Found a creamer Mark likes there too, didn't need it but it's not an easy to find flavor, so I grabbed one. No hot dogs,not surprisingly.

Hit the larger Food Lion we go by on the way home and got apple juice, they had hot dogs 2 for $4, so stocked up on those. And realized we needed hot dog buns. Huh. Bread aisle was empty. Managed to find a couple packages of buns, on sale, so grabbed them. A package can sit in the fridge, it'll keep until we need it.

2.5 hours later, I had every single thing on my list as well as other things I forgot to put on it. And no, toilet paper and paper towels were not on my list, as we had already stocked up on those, 2 weeks ago.

I got lucky. It was a good paycheck week and I was able to drive around and go to stores we wouldn't normally go to.

There are so many who *can't*, who don't have that mobility or transportation, let alone the funds to be able to go shopping for extra stuff, let alone necessities, more than once a month. People need to remember them. If you can go to a store further away, *do so*. Leave the closer stores for those who *can't*.

Still no virus cases in my part of the state. Knock on wood that it stays that way.

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