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People who have no business in politics, think various counties in Virginia need to secede. They want us to join *West Virginia*.

Like, how will that work? A county in the middle of Virginia is suddenly part of a state, over half a state away? And why would we join a state that can't even take care of its own people, where drug abuse is worse than it is here, where the unemployment rate is , at 4.6%, *nearly twice as high as Virginia's at 2.6%*, and ours is *dropping*, whereas their's is *climbing again*.

Apparently this all stems from West Virginia invited Frederick County to join them, *158 years ago*. Yeah. That's how ignorant this all is.

Our way of life is not under attack, by the way. Nor was our state government elected by 'federal workers'. Parts of the state that have never voted blue, went blue big time this last election. We just got fed up with the Republican led majority idiocracy.

Moving on...

Virginia ratified the Equal Rights Amendment recently and now, our AG, among others, is suing the US to get it ratify at the federal level". Hopefully more states ratify it- to date, 38 now have, with Virginia being the latest, Nevada and Illinois the most recent after the 1982 deadline, and then do the same thing. Maybe then it'll, finally, become a real Amendment and part of our Bill of Rights.

Grabbed a couple screen shots of drone footage from the news yesterday, of the Bedford Middle School, that show precisely how bad the damage is. Not the best, but they'll do.


This one shows the remains of the auditorium. The stage itself looks relatively untouched except by debris. That's at the very center of the building. The news says you can see a window from the cupola sticking out of the wreckage, but I couldn't pick it out.


This one is a good overview of the entire building. The wall nearest the bottom had to be reinforced with steel beams, there's nothing interior left to support it. The other side, the first floor held, but the second floor and the attic, in their entirety, are gone.

The developer, Waukeshaw Development, has said they still plan to go forward with the plans for turning the building into loft apartments. They also have more photos on their Instagram. Apparently, they've gotten other buildings in far worse condition, and done amazing things with them, so hopefully they will here as well.

Still more!

So, a local radio station was holding a contest to win Blue Man Group tickets when they come here in March.

Mark entered. He said it was one of those contests where if you followed them on various social media sites, or liked specific posts, you get more entries. Well, he doesn't do social media. So he had exactly one, email entry. I told him, hey, I won a handmade quilt with exactly one entry.

Guess who's going to see Blue Man Group in March? Yup. Tickets were picked up yesterday and are on the fridge, so it's very real. Mark won.


This is how my morning has gone, so far. It's now afternoon. Things are looking up!

And finally...

May 30th, 2020.

Starting at 9am, we will be starting the testing for our 1st degree Black Belts.


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