July Garden update


The beans are slowing down, boo. We've gotten a gallon so far, and today, just a handful. There's still more still growing, so hopefully we'll get at least another quart before they fade completely.


There are at least 4 cantaloupe out there. That'll make the husband happy. Fuzzy little things. Heh.


Half dozen odd shaped watermelon. We won't need watermelon in forever, if they all grow to a good size.

IMAG6313 IMAG6314 IMAG6315

Cucumbers leave a lot to be desired. Either it's too hot or they're getting too much water. Gave up on the yellow squash. The zucchini is still going strong though. The ones in the first photo are the third and fourth ones so far, with at least two more still growing.

One loofah so far. Got a couple spaghetti squash almost ready for harvest and a wee butternut squash!


*7* of our very own peaches, provided the chipmunks and squirrels continue to leave them alone.

IMAG6312 IMAG6311

And the tomatoes. Holy cow. The Omar's Lebanese tomatoes can start ripening any time. The one is as large as my hand. And the Indigo Rose are right behind them- they're ripening at a rate of one every other day now. Harvested our first Brandywine, San Marzano and the Yellow Pears and Chocolate Cherries are really cranking them out now. Still waiting for Cherokee Purples, Black Krims and Mr Stripey. The tomatillos are going gangbusters too. Should be harvesting those soon.

Harvested the first Cubanelle peppers, lots of Jalapenos coming on, a bell pepper, some red hot poppers have been harvested and several Long Hot Cayennes. Several Ancho chiles coming on now as well. Still no Bhut Jolokia, but there are flowers. Same with the Black Pearl peppers- gorgeous purple flowers!


We had a great surprise on our Dill, and ended up planting 2 more dill plants and 3 parsley plants. *19* Swallowtail caterpillars. They've devoured all the food and since abandoned us. Hopefully to find safe places to cocoon. It was rather fun watching them go from tiny caterpillars to giant ones.}:P And the dill and parsley are growing back as well.

Of the potted dye plants, lost the Dyer's Broom, but they were really small, and just didn't thrive, so not surprised. The rest have doubled and tripled in size. Need to get their bed built and them all into the ground by Fall.

Lost a Pecan tree to moles. Boo. Will have to watch for the Fall native tree and plant sale, to see if we can replace it.

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