So, this is absurd.

Go to AmEx to file a dispute because, hey, still not shipped, still no tracking info for this month's Marvel Collector Corps box ( box closed on the 15th, we were charged on the 2nd, payment cleared by the 4th, they claim they ship within a week of close, yet people were getting their boxes *before* and *on* the close date, so that's an outright lie, and now it's 10 days past close date, with still no shipped box, no tracking info, nothing). We really would prefer to have the box, and figured maybe if our CC company got on their case, we'd get it. Only it's not that simple.

You have two options when filing a dispute- you can request a credit, or you can request the merchandise. So I selected to get the stupid box. Except now I can't finish and file the dispute, because it wants a date for when I received (non-existant) 'damaged or missing merchandise'. I can't give it a date for something I do not have.

So I try to do an online chat. Only their chat isn't working, it comes up as a blank screen. So I go to their Facebook page to message them about why its not working. Only, they want me to connect my card into Messenger before they'll even answer any messages. That's not going to happen. That's *never* going to happen. And if it ever does, it'll be because I've been taken over by pod people.

So I bit the bullet and called them. Very nice lady, who explained, because we actually *want* the merchandise, we can't file a dispute, but have to contact the merchant first- which, as I explained to her, I already did. Three times. She proceeds to try to find an alternative way to contact them, finds the Facebook page, to which I replied that they don't respond to people asking about issues there, as there are dozens of people all having the same issue, all with no answers. I also politely explained that not telling us this on the website itself (that if we actually want what we paid for, we have to contact the merchant instead), was stupid. She agreed.

So my options are- get a credit, which will cancel this month's box and we'd never get it at all, or try to contact Collector Corps/Funko again and wait. Well, wait longer. And still not have any clear answers as to why this box never shipped, but we were still charged for it.


Looks like I'll end up doing a dispute requesting a credit and just giving up on this box, as well as cancelling any further boxes.

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