Your customer support may be great, but your shipping department sucks.

So. Never doing business with Loot Crate again.

I'm still waiting on my order from the Thanksgiving Loot Crate Gifts sale. It's now been 15 days since placement of said order, 11 business days and still no shipping notice. I contacted support (twice, a week apart) only to be told to give them more time. It's ONE ITEM, how hard can it be?!?

I have been more than patient. I will be filing a chargeback tomorrow. This will also be the last time we do any business with Loot Crate and we will never recommend them to anyone after this.

Reading some of the comments on their Facebook page, people are *still* waiting for their Fallout crates (from August?Sept?) and have been charged *extra times* for Doctor Who crates (ordered 2, got charged for 3?!?). Others haven't gotten their November crates, still others are waiting on Mass Effect crates that still haven't shipped, and so on.


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