Facebook and their 'authentic name' bullshit.

So apparently, Facebook has decided that my name is not my name and wants proof.

This is the name I have used for over 20 years online. It is the name 99% of my friends in real life know me by.

It is the name I introduce myself to new people by.

It is the name my business is run under.

It is the name *my birth mother cannot find me by. * And that is the most important reason I use this name.

In all ways, it is my authentic name. A pseudonym is just as authentic and real as a birth name.

And now, I have 7 days to prove this to Facebook without giving them private information such as a driver's license, a marriage certificate, etc or I stand to lose my account.

Yup. Good job, Facebook, you've succeeded in helping stalkers and worse win. So much for that victory by the Queens in order to use their authentic names. Because this archaic demand to know all things personal about a person, has NOT gone away.

And I will not change my name to a name I do not go by.

So. If I lose my account, fuck them. I'll go back to Twitter and straight blogging instead and take my business elsewhere.

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FB blocked me from my account,because they don't approve of me not using the name on my "legal" ID, FB said "so your friends can find you" - but my friends know me by that name. FB said "to avoid abuse" but it already has ways to flag and block abusive posts. That's provided they have posted something that FB deems offensive or abusive. If your ex finds you and posts innocent-sounding words, you have no recourse except to block them. That works this week, anyway... maybe. FB's privacy settings change so often that few can keep up with them. Every so often I get a message asking if I want to "Friend" So&so and sometimes it's someone I'm hiding from.

I guess FB doesn't want to mine my data. Or maybe they don't get paid as much if the data buyers can't connect my "Like"s to a real name and address.