[info]wolfsilveroak wrote
on May 6th, 2014 at 11:20 am

Sometimes, you demand a do over and sometimes, you get one.

So apparently that sudden quick thunderstorm we had yesterday morning, killed our modem. Which was likely dying anyway since it was 10years old. (Luckily both computers as well as tv, ps3, etc is all plugged into surge protectors or we might really be in trouble. Modem was too, but well, didn't help).

130.00 later, new high speed modem/router in one with wireless capability.

Yeah. But at least we can definitely tell a difference in internet speed. Things load smoother and a tad quicker now.

And according to Cox, we'd have needed to either downgrade our internet speed (not an option) or get a new modem in a couple weeks anyway, as the old wouldn't have worked anymore with their new internet speed update at that time.

Fun times, I tell ya.

Then, later that evening as I'm sewing and playing Sims 3, the kid ages up into a teenager, her dad gets a free 2 day vacation and leaves. All well and good, she's a good kid, and usually doesn't misbehave- even without my intervention.

2 days later, he comes back and berates her for skipping school. Umm, it's Sat, there's no school and I know she went to school the Sim day before, because I sent her. Oh and he's aged up into an elder while on vacation as well. So, wtf, game?

Send him out to tend the neglected garden, and later, her as well. It's not a particularly large garden, but he's old, so he goes slowly now. It's evening, she's gone to bed and suddenly, he turns into a ghost. Huh?!? Now, I have a long lifespan- 125 sim days- on my sims, pets included, so he was only at 87 days and suddenly my game was killing him without me even trying?

Good thing he had not one, but FIVE death flowers in his pack - I'm crazy, but not stupid, when I want him to die for real, I'll take them from him- and he hands one to Death. All well and good, right?

Well, the garden wasn't finished, things still needed to be fertilized and now weeded again. So I set him back to work. Morning comes, and he's still going. Now stuff needs to be harvested again, so I send the teen out to do that while the dad weeds.

And my stupid game tries to kill him again. This time, via a meteor. Yeah. First time since I've been playing Sims3 that my game has spontaneously tried to kill a sim before the end of their lifespan, not once, but TWICE and the first time I'd had a meteor fall without my forcing it.

So I make him move out of the way and wait. He gets bored and wanders off to find a rocking chair- as you do. Meteor falls, destroys a good third of the garden, the cat playhouse, sets the house on fire, sets a NPC sim who somehow wandered onto my lot on fire, sets the damn family cemetery where the mom's gravestone is on fire and generally screws up the entire back half of the lot.

After literally banging my head on my desk, I said, Nope and hit quit without saving.

I will have THAT particular do over today.

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