Learnings and Hypotheticals

The learning-

Yesterday I learned that a certain forum actually triggers an anxiety attack.

I hadn't visited said forum for nearly a month. I posted in in twice yesterday and almost immediately after, had a mild anxiety attack. I realized yesterday, just how badly that forum had been affecting me for the last 4-5 months, that I get way too stressed over it, that it makes me way too tense and unhappy. That Mark was right all along. So. That will be the end of that.

Lesson learned- that forum is not worth stressing myself out over, just by visiting and/or reading.

I also learned, over the last month or so, that even though people can act like they're your friends online, in truth, the majority are not. That when people say they are going to do certain things, chances are they will never, in fact, do those things. Now, I have friends online that I've known and still talk to on a semi regular basis from the very early days of my internet presence. THOSE people are definitely friends- several I've even had the fortune to meet in person and thus, strengthen our friendship.

But there are those, who seem like friends, say all the things a friend would and then suddenly, just stop communicating with you. Or use the same excuse multiple times as to why they weren't talking to you. To me, that's not a friend. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. So. That's enough of that.

Lesson learned- Business type communications with said people from now on.

The hypothetical-
Mark came home from work yesterday and asked me a hypothetical question. If he had the chance to move to *hypothetical place* in regards to the company he works for, would I be willing to move? My response was yes, of course. BUT, if we did move, we would buy a house in said place, not rent. Even if finding the right house took 2, 3, even 6 months, we would find a way to buy a house. He agreed.

It seems there is a small chance that the company will be consolidating his position to one place within the company, ie, *hypothetical place*. In my opinion, there are a couple advantages to said hypothetical move-

1- it'd technically mean a pay increase and possible promotion within the company, which would be good for his career, assuming he stays in said career(which quite frankly, I'm sure he will at this point).

2- It'd be closer to his parents. Which, with his mom's health issues, would be a good thing. We'd be a lot closer and better able to help out.

3- We'd spend a whole lot of time with our youngest niece every summer, instead of a few hours every on weekends when we get together to game.

4- We'd be a lot closer to the places/markets/etc that we thoroughly enjoy visiting when we're at his parents'.

However, there are also several downsides to said hypothetical move-

1- No mountains. Well, none as near as we have here anyway.

2- Snow. And cold. Way more than we get here. It would also mean a shorter growing season.

3- It'd mean a longer drive to my parents, ie, 2 days instead of one.

4- The few real life/meatspace friends (we can actually count on one hand the real life friends we have here, that are not family. Yes, really.) we actually have outside the internet are here. We know no one in said hypothetical place and neither of us makes friends easily.

5- We'd spend a whole lot of time with our youngest niece every summer, instead of a few hours every on weekends when we get together to game. Ok, so that's not really a downside. Heh.

But right now, it's all hypothetical and we honestly don't know that it would even ever happen. But if it did, well, the pros and cons are about even either way.

And now, I'm off to photograph a couple new handwoven scarves before the weather turns on me.

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