So. This happened.

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Yes, that's a yardstick. And it's still snowing. Heh.

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This was Caena last night, when we only had a little over 6". She's all, 'Nope.'

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Needless to say, it was a bit too much for her. Silly Akita.

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This is what I woke up to. The front porch literally covered with bird tracks as they sought out the bird seed from under the snow.

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Our neighbor's car is nearly buried. After we get the 2-4 MORE inches they say we're to get today, all you'll see is likely the side view mirror.

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The back hill. What you can't see is the bird trails all over it. Again, looking for bird seed. I had to break a trail for Caena to go to her pee spot. 13" is a bit much for her and the area I dug out near the back steps simply wasn't good enough.

 photo IMAG0083.jpg

That would be the outdoor table where I took this morning's measurements. Yup. The grill looks much the same.

Meanwhile, the birds- sparrows, mourning doves, juncoes, nuthatches, tufted titmouses, blue jays, carolina wrens, starlings, cardinals, downy woodpeckers, ladderback woodpeckers, red headed woodpecker, purple finches and even a couple pairs of bluebirds (!) are thoroughly enjoying the food I scattered for them, which is good as it's started snowing harder and will gradually be covered out where it's not protected, unlike the porch and under the honeysuckle vines.

This is a dry, powdery snow here, unlike other areas that got heavy, wet snow, sleet and ice. We got lucky in that regard. Heh.

Mark's workplace- he was working from home today anyway, because the roads are still covered (they've been doing simply a salt mixture and not really plowing, no point in that until the system moves out) actually closed for the first time in it's history today. Yeah. Not as bad here as some places, but bad enough.

Stay safe out there.

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