Video games are supposed to be fun...

Not depressing.

Been playing Assassin's Creed: Revelations lately, trying to finish it so we can play Assassin's Creed III before Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag comes out in Oct.

But it's been damn depressing. And because of that, it pisses me off easily and I quit for a day or so.

In other words, I simply don't WANT to finish the game.

I will admit, Altair and Ezio are my first favorite video game chars. (Mordecai and Zero from Borderlands are the others. Don't get me started at what happens to Mordecai's Bloodwing in BL2. I'm still not happy about that.)

So if I finish ACR, that means their stories are finished. I have all 5 Masyaf keys. I've done the memories for them. Each one was progressively more depressing than the previous.

I know- they're just pixels, they're not even real life people. But you know what? This is why there are books I will never reread and why there are entire book series that Mark will never finish.

I already know how the game ends- I have the Assassin's Creed books and I've read the one for this game. Yes, I wanted to throw it across the room. I have before- I threw one of Gail Dayton's Compass Rose Trilogy books across the room when she killed my favorite char in the third book. Needlessly, senselessly, in a pointless and utter idiotic way.

I get too attached to inanimate objects.

Maybe I won't finish the game. Maybe I'll stop playing it right where it is, with everyone still alive- and I mean everyone, including Yusuf, just in a sort of limbo. Or maybe I'll go kill more Templars and Ottoman and Janissaries and not worry about advancing the story line any further.

Maybe I'll start playing Bioshock myself- watching Mark play Bioshock Infinite is fun. Or finish Skyrim, or start playing Uncharted or even start Dishonored that's been sitting here. And we have Defiance coming this week too. And Mark wants the newest God of War. Or I could go finish the first Borderlands. And we're playing Borderlands 2 through again on True Vault Hunter mode and Ultimate Vault Hunter mode is coming soon. And there's Sims3- I still don't have University yet...

So see? I don't have to finish the game if I don't want to.

Even though, I already know how it ends.

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