So tired.

It's been essentially nonstop since Friday. And not going to be much better for this week either.

Friday, I packed up nearly every book in the bedroom. 7 boxes worth. And we're not talking small boxes either. One I couldn't move by myself and neither could Mark, it took both of us.

Then I moved 2 3 shelf, 3 foot long bookcases, 5 shelf book case, both end tables, the pseudoclock/bookshelf, and miscellaneous odds and ends.

When he got home, we moved the last box, and he took apart the bed. That night, we slept on the mattress set on the floor- after vacuuming the carpet for a last time again.

Sat saw us moving the mattress set out, after we took the drawers out of the dresser and chest of drawers, then we moved them, the upstairs TV and cable box to the center of the room, covered with plastic and primed the walls and ceiling with Kilz. The outside walls were done twice. The areas were the mold/mildew was, was done in three coats. Luckily the topcoats of actual color will also be mildew resistant. If that doesn't stop it, nothing will.

Then the dressers were moved and the mattresses put back down for the night.

Sunday, I took Caena over to the InLaws so the dust and potential mold/mildew spores that may have been in the carpet wouldn't irritate her when we were tearing the carpet out. She had a puppy play date in other words. She's looking immensely better and it's only been 2 weeks since we got rid of the mold/mildew. Note to self- give her a bath today.

When I got home, Mark had moved the mattresses and started in on the carpet. 3/4 was gone already, bagged up and out of the house. Between the 2 of us it took another 3 hours to get the rest out, get the staples out of the floor, pull up the tack strips and nails, then scrub the floor twice, mop it again for good measure, moving the dressers, TV and cable box twice in the process and then, finally dropping the mattresses back on the floor again.

Needless to say, the cats are freaked out right now, especially Aries.

This week, I paint the room. I like to paint, so no biggie doing it by myself. Mark will help with the ceiling. (Valspar Waverly Classics Blue Sail for the wall, Nordic Blue for the trim and Blue Boy for the ceiling, from Lowes. )

Sometime this summer, we'll see about renting a floor sander and sanding the wood floors up there, they are that screwed up in a few areas. Doing it by hand is out of the question. Then we'll restain and seal it to match the downstairs and hallway.

Then we get to do the back bedroom. Whee fun. If we ever own our own house again, we'll be pros at this.

I don't think my body remembers how NOT to ache or be stiff anymore.}:/ And to top it off, yesterday I woke up with a slightly sore throat. *sigh* And thanks to being so worn out, I'm constantly seeing Max out of the corner of my eye, laying on the floor right behind my chair. It's disconcerting to say the least.

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