Poor Caena

She's always had dry skin, and it generally gets worse in the winter- rather like a human's.

But this past 3 weeks to a month, it's been exceedingly bad. So bad, that she was literally pulling her fur out and chewing/itching/licking herself raw. So bad, she ended up in a cone of shame.

So, this month was her 6 month checkup anyway, and when our federal tax refund hit, we immediately made an appointment and asked that we try to figure out what the devil was going on with her skin.

Dr Amos did a skin scraping and they ruled out demodex mites. He mentioned that some dogs can develop other allergies, such as food- we'd already pulled anything with grains in it, so shes entirely grain free right down to her treats, took her off any fish, in case it was that, including her daily dose of fish oil. Heaven help us if it turns out to be a beef, or venison or rabbit allergy, as she already can't have poultry of any kind. Then he said it could be an environmental allergy.

Hmm, funny that. A week ago, we discovered significant amounts of mold/mildew in the bedroom. It was covering a corner of the room and all along the baseboard right behind the bed. As well as the window frames had small colonies. Now, the bedroom and the spare room are the only rooms with carpet left in them. We'd had a mildew issue in the bedroom closet last spring. And the timing for this sudden outbreak of extremely itchy skin in Caena roughly coincides with when the mold/mildew bloom would have started.

So last weekend, the entire carpet in that room was vacuumed twice, the walls were bleached three times and then painted thoroughly with Kilz primer/sealer. The windows were not only bleached, they were scrubbed with antibacterial cleaner (Method is awesome for this). That was a week ago, way too soon to see a change in Caena.

But given how bad the mold/mildew was, chances are, there's spores in the carpet itself. So this weekend, we have the fun task of moving 500-600 books, 3 bookcases, a dresser, a chest of drawers, 2 nightstands, and a few other small things, to pull the carpet out and thoroughly scrub the floor. Thankfully, we already moved the 20 gal fish tank out of the upstairs.

Keeping her out of the bedroom is not a possibility, especially if we want to get a good night's sleep.

Meanwhile, she's on a round of antibiotics and a course of Prednisone to stop the itching and now instead of a medicated bath once a week, will have one TWICE a week. The poor pupper.

Here's keeping our fingers crossed that this is what it is and what we're doing works.

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