[info]wolfsilveroak wrote
on July 2nd, 2012 at 02:25 pm

So, about Friday night...

We, personally, didn't really have much damage, beyond losing power for 22.5 hours. A bunch of smaller branches down in the backyard and the like.

But my poor tomatoes took a beating.

Luckily, the tops only had mostly flowers or buds and no set fruit yet. Plus, they seem to be bouncing back ok.

The Butterfly Bush had a huge branch twisted violently to the ground. It didn't splinter or break, so we propped it back up. This fall, I'll prune it back drastically to help it recover better.

Across the street, one large tree at the top of that sheer hill snapped off and took a couple smaller ones with it.

Yes, they landed on a couple cars below. The Miata's roof was nearly completely flattened (it was/is a convertible). The Nissan's windshield was smashed. Both have several bad scrapes and dents.

This one belonged to the owner of the property.}:/

Down the street at the apartment complex, about half a block away, a large Oak fell over onto the walkway, crushing the railing. I don't know if there's any cars under the crown of the tree or not, but I imagine so.

A little further down, large branches (about half the tree actually) split, came down on the transformer across the street.

Which resulted in the transformer blowing completely, taking down a line with it. The sparks caught on the tree, which smoldered.

That resulted in a brushfire below the transformer. That white you see through the leaves, is a house, less than 25 ft away. Another house was less than 50ft away, and a bar/restaurant is across the street, where they smoke their meats on the premises and had a stockpile of seasoned firewood. Yeah, this wasn't cool. Add to that, the winds were still whipping, sending embers and sparks in our direction.

It was tense for awhile.

Elsewhere, on Saturday...

We needed to charge our cellphones, and since we planned to do some Find A Graves, headed to Mark's work to plug the phones in- assuming THEY had power- while we looked up the burials. (Incidentally, Sherwood was closed, we believe due to storm damage)

This is the crown of a tree, I'm not such what kind it was. But the entire thing was pulled out of the ground and blocking half the road.

This was a rather old Dogwood. It completely split down the center.

Everywhere there was branches down, trees blown over, wires down. Roads half blocked, traffic lights out. Etc.

Then we get near Mark's work...

And found that one of the pines by the power substation had been snapped off and blocked the main road in. Heh. They still had power though, so we were able to charge our phones.

The InLaws got power back later Sat afternoon, roughly 16 hours after they lost it. So we packed up the cats and dog and hung out there for several hours, potentially overnight, as they now had A/C. We ended up getting power back that evening, roughly 22.5 hours later.

However, there's still areas here- go 3 blocks down the road and there's no power, for example- without power. The airport area finally got power back late yesterday.

More photos are here. And apparently, we had late night storms come through, knocking out power for MORE people here. Ugh.

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