Garden porn

Obligatory Caena photo.}:P She was running around like a mad dog (like usual, in other words) and dug out all the leaves and debris from under the honeysuckle that grows over the old stump. What's funny about this, was Mark had spent early Sat morning cleaning up the back yard after cutting the grass. Heh. I guess Caena thought it was too clean.

So I set the sprinkler up at the top of the hill to water the few plants up there, and found this little guy on the siding by the faucet. He's even tinier than yesterday's, at roughly 1/4" in length.

So I moved him over to the Bleeding Heart, where he promptly started stalking a leaf hopper. So not interested in posing for me, lol.

Tomatoes!!! These are, I believe- it's hard to tell as they're all climbing each other and intertwined now- Great White Heirlooms. They may be Hillbilly Heirlooms though.

THESE are definitely Black Krim Heirlooms.}:P

I wasn't kidding when I said on Twitter that they were 7 ft and growing. They're closer to 8 feet + now. Those poles ( like the one on the left foreground) are 8 ft long and are roughly 1/2' in the ground. Some of the vines are taller than them in the back. Yeah.

and they're getting covered in blooms, especially near the top where I can't reach them to 'flick' them to help fertilize them. But maybe that's a good thing, as there are now over 2 dozen fruits set lower down. Heh. Much better crop over last year when we got maybe 4-5 tomatoes. Yeah.

So cannot wait until they're ready for harvesting, homemade spaghetti sauce and bruschetta awaits!

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