The birds are quite entertaining.

Right now, I believe it's Mrs Carolina Wren keeping an extremely close- as in, not 1ft away- eye on Mr Chipmunk as he scrounches bird seed from the porch and ground.

Earlier, both of them were berating, quite loudly, the Blue Jays who came to dine. I had to scare them off just to get them to shut up.

Mrs Indigo Bunting overstayed her welcome at the bird seed buffet and was subsequently divebombed by Mr Carolina Wren.

And there's definitely baby birds in the nest. We can hear them- eeep! cheeeep!eeep! until a parent screetches at them to hush, there's humans nearby. (According to my Audubon bird book, there could be as many as 5 in that little nest)

I'm getting 'looks' still from the backs of the porch chairs- when they aren't bringing insects to feed the brood or scaring off other birds.

And now they're bitching at the Tufted Titmouse couple. Yeah.

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