No grills were seriously damaged in the making of this post....

No canines, felines or avians either.

So THIS is how my day is going to go, eh?

Why, yes, Caena managed to not only knock the grill up on end, but flip it over and around the side of the house this morning. While I stood there watching, bemused, as it happened in near slow motion.

Her lead caught the corner of the ledge on the grill and pulled it up on the wheels. Which promptly startled her and made her try to GET AWAY FROM THE THING that was clearly after her. Which caused it to swing around, tangling the lead further, and pulling the grill over onto its top.

Then she saw me standing there with my phone, and very contritely walked over to me, head hung low, tail slowly wagging.

I couldn't help it. I laughed at her.

(The grill is still there. It'll take both of us to move it from its current position back into place. Not because it's heavy, but because it's awkward.)

The Carolina Wrens who built the nest on the front porch, right next to the front door, either have eggs or, more likely, given how actively they've been bringing insects and such back, have babies in the nest.

They spent 5 solid minutes berating the Chipmunk who dared to come on the porch to eat the bird seed. Much like they do the Blue Jays, the House Sparrows, the Tufted Titmouses, the Nuthatches, the Indigo Buntings, even the poor Purple Finches and the poor, much maligned by the Blue Jays, Crow that comes by sometimes when there's peanuts out.

Now, I'm getting 'looks' through the window where I sit at my desk, as still as possible, when they land on the chair or the baker's rack right outside it.

Cute birds, but really, this is getting nuts. It could be worse though, I could be getting divebombed everytime I go out the front door, like the poor Crow does by the blue Jays.

Got rid of the majority of the rats. They disappeared for roughly 3 weeks, completely. Then, a small, halfgrown one showed back up again. I'm gradually moving the rocks that were once around the pond out front, that'll never likely be rebuilt, to the back, along the fence and around the Wisteria, as that seems to be where they like to burrow under the fence to come eat the bird seed that falls to the ground.

With the Chipmunks showing back up (finally, after years of being gone), I'm hesitant about putting out more rat poison. But it's looking like I may not have a choice.

The Tomatoes( Hillbilly, Great White and Black Krim, you can see them to the right in the above photo) are finally budding and blooming. They've grown 4 times the size they were. Combination of good compost before planting and plenty of water, I suppose. Hopefully we'll get lots of maters this season.

Much of the rest of the gardens are doing quite well. A few of the Irises my GrandAunt Rosie gave me last summer, have bloomed. Nearly all of them came back and doubled in size. Several plants need to be cut back, such as the Lemon Balm and the Greek Oregano, as they're trying desperately to take over where they are. The St John's Wort tripled in size over last year and bloomed abundantly this year.

The Wisteria is being trained along the fence, mostly on my side of my fence, because I noticed that the guys doing the yard work on the other side, had weedeated really close to the fence, killing half the Honeysuckle, much of the Strangling Dog Vine (thankfully) and whatever else they did, affected a few vines of my Wisteria. So I pulled it all back to my side. Better safe than sorry, and besides, I'd appreciate more blooms next year than an empty house will.

The Love In A Mist has nearly taken over the front Iris bed. There's dozens of seed pods. So when they ripen, I'll collect them, and pull the plants out. The plan is to lift the remaining Irises from the bed this fall and compost/replace the soil before replacing them. Hopefully that'll give them a much needed boost next year, as simply top feeding them isn't working. Many didn't bloom this year either.}:/

In 4 days, it'll have been 4 years since Dante-Inu left me.

In 15 days, Caena will be 4 years old.

I have not played Skyrim in nearly 3 weeks. Haven't played Assassin's Creed Revelations since Dec 2011. My computer has actually been behaving itself for the last 2.5 weeks, so I've been enjoying playing Sims3 for the time being.

And here comes a Carolina Wren with what appears to be a cricket. Must be feeding time again.

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Chipmunk Issue

Have you tried using a 5 gallon bucket half filled with water that you cover with sunflower seeds? If you put a ramp to it they jump in for the seed and drown. It is a bit kinder than rat poison and other animals won't get lost in the fall out.

Re: Chipmunk Issue

It's NOT a Chipmunk issue. I have no problems with the Chipmunks, I like the cute little critters.

It's the RATS I don't care for. And having an empty for over a year now house next door doesn't help.


Drowning Theodore, Simon and Alvin?!? Nooooooo

I'm not trying to be mean or rude to the first poster, but drowning is anything but humane or kind!! I know what you mean about the effects of rat poison, but drowning is terrifying and painful, too. Wolf: I'm glad the chipmonks aren't a problem for you - as for the rats, can you call Vector Control in your area or city or county? Where we live, any abandon house is a huge issue that's taken very seriously for many reasons; just one of which is the health hazard of rats and you should be able to get help for that. No charge to you, of course, it's something that's dealt with because it concerns public health. If there isn't a Vector Control, contact the Health Department - they're great, too. :D

Re: Drowning Theodore, Simon and Alvin?!? Nooooooo

The problem is, the owners of the empty house are trying to sell it, so they've had people in to take care of it. It's just that this side of that duplex has been empty for over a year, the other side has been empty going on 6 months now. And leaving things like the door to the crawl space wide open, the dryer vent uncovered.. yeah, those don't help.}:/

The rats are coming from across the street where there's not only a lemonade stand, but a Dominos as well.}:/

Luckily they're simply coming along the fence and burrowing under it, and not creating a burrow in my backyard. WE already tried finding one, and that's how we discovered that the tunnels simply go under the fence and out into the open on the other side.

Right now, their favorite tunneling areas are covered with large rocks, which discourages them for about a week, until they find another spot to burrow through. Heh.