Meet Shasta

Shasta is a roughly 2 yr old Akita/Husky mix that was picked up by the Wytheville, Va Animal Control as a stray. She came across the Akita Rescue email list needing either a foster homew for a few days, or transport to Blue Ridge Husky Rescue down in Asheville, NC.

It took a bit of doing, but a foster in Wytheville was found for the few days it was needed after Shasta's spay surgery. Then on Sunday, Mark and I had the pleasure of going to Wytheville and transporting Shasta to Johnson City, where we met D. with Blue Ridge husky Rescue, who would be taking her to her new foster home in Asheville.

Shasta is an absolute sweetheart. She's very talkative until she gets to know you. Timid in the way that animals who've been abused and are unsure as to whether you mean to hurt them again or not- especially around guys. It took awhile- nearly the whole drive- but when we dropped her off in Johnson City, she stopped barking at Mark and even went up to him and licked his hand before we put her in D's car and said good bye.

She's severely underweight- you could feel nearly every bone in her body, which means she's been a stray for awhile, and blowing coat. We sat in the parking lot at the pickup spot in Wytheville with her temp foster M, and I must have pulled enough fur out to create a cat from. She was a sucker for treats though, and by the time we were ready to leave, she was trying to give me one of her rather large front paws, apparently that means she decided to be my friend, according to M.

We folded the seats up in Orion and spread a blanket out in the back for her. I ended up having to pick her up, literally, to get her in the CR-V, as she was extremely reluctant to get in herself. Once in, she looked around, then laid down and pretty much slept the entire 2 hour drive.

When we met up with D in Johnson City, she had a Husky named Merlin with her, when Shasta saw him, that was it, she was friends already and wanted nothing more but to play. When we went to put her in the back of D's vehicle, Merlin decided to make a break for it and run around the parking lot a few times with Mark and D chasing him. I think he thought it was a game. It took a bit of doing and the intervention of a kind woman, but he was caught and both went into the backseat- Shasta very willingly because it meant she got to hang out with her new friends. They headed out to Asheville after that.

And we headed home to our own sweet Akita.