Dear Solitude, Your tailors suck skeever tail.

So I decided to visit an area of Skyrim I hadn't been to yet- the far reaches of Solitude.

Which, I find, is overrun by Imperials. Yuck.

Got there in time to see some poor unfortunate lose his head. Something about opening a gate or something. Who knows. I DID learn that, in trying to find out what's going on, one should most definitely NOT go up to the guards and try to talk to them. They don't like that and will attack you.

I think I took out 4 of them before they got me. Yeah.

And then I went to a tailor shop, where the proprietor reminded me of the stuck up girls I went to high school with. You know the kind, think they're better than you and their shit don't stink. Seems she had 'issues' with my clothes. Something about it being an open wound to her eyes. Well, it's steel armor and you know what? Serves me quite well in taking out those Dragons so you can run your little shop and be a stuck up reptilian bimbo. Needless to say, I left without doing any business with her.

Anyway. The whole reason I went to an unexplored area was because I was trying to get more gold to stock up- ok, hoard- heal potions, resist cold potions, resist fire potions and the like. Dragons go down easier when you have plenty of either.}:P

Speaking of Dragons...

It's quite amusing when you clear an area and another Dragon shows up and tries to sneak attack you. They really need to work on that whole shake the earth when they fly by bit. It rather alerts one that they're there. And I'm glad I had 2 Resist Cold pots on me when I came up on that last Dragon, at Lost NorthWatch Camp I believe it was. Thought he was a statue until he fly away. First Frost breathing Dragon I'd encountered so far too. Used the buildings to my advantage and took him down in under 2 minutes. Why yes, I'm an archer, why do you ask?

Mark's playing Skyrim too. He's a level 15 already. I'm only level 14 but damned if I don't have more Shouts than him. And *I* had a contract taken out on me, he was surprised at that. Seems Ungrien took exception to the fact that instead of delivering the keg of stolen Black Briar Mead to him, I returned it to the Meadery. Yeah. Oh well, he needs to hire better thugs.

Hmm, I need Skyrim icons methinks...

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