Bleak Falls Barrow is not my friend.

For that matter, neither is Ustengrav Barrow. Or the local wildlife. Or it seems, those who don't like Dragonborn.

I have a knack for making 'friends' in Skyrim, can you tell?

Overall, I'm thoroughly enjoying myself, even if I've never played any of the previous games. We have Oblivion for the PC- Mark plays it, and I borrowed it for the PS3 from the InLaws, but I've not actually played it or any of the preceeding games- there ARE preceeding games, yes?

After all, if Oblivion is The Elder Scrolls IV and Skyrim is The Elder Scrolls V, it stands to reason there was a I, II and III. Right?

Haven't picked a side (Imperial or Stormcloak). Though I'm now a 'Thane of Whiterun'. Go me? Heh. Something about killing a dragon, even though, really, it was mostly the other guys. So. Um, yeah.

Haven't gotten back into Assassin's Creed: Revelations yet. No particular reason.

Seems a small percentage of multiplayer people in ACR are really, REALLY unhappy with the MP that came with ACR, and it appears, back to ACB. Something about glitches, MP mechanics not working like they think they should, PC players getting content so much later than console players (really??? REALLY?? this is a problem that'll make you boycott the game??? Seriously? Most game developers don't make the bulk of their money off the PC version anyway, so no wonder they don't release them at the same time), etc.

Umm, it's a video game, there's going to be glitches. You either deal with them, don't play anymore or inundate the Dev team with emails asking when a patch is coming. But really? Boycotting the game after the creators already got your money? Seriously? Saying you're not going to buy the DLC- as if the game creators make any sort of significant amount of money off them in the first place (here's a hint- they don't.)?

I think this is a proper place for that good ol' phrase, 'First world problems'.

Me, I could care less, as I don't play Multiplayer, so therefore, they don't get money from my for MP DLC anyway. When the game itself stops being fun, glitches included, then I'll stop playing it and stop buying it. Until then, whatever. Hell, I've run into glitches in the 6 hours worth of playing in Skyrim already. It's to be expected. That's part of playing video games

Tonight I get the 'fun' task of setting up my new computer. Last night's attempt was an utter fiasco, as we couldn't find the disc for the photo program I use, and when Mark downloaded an updated version on his new computer, figured out that it will not work with Windows 7 anyway. So now I need a new photo editing program.

And reinstall all the other programs I use, set up all my quick links...

Yeah. Fun.

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