Happy Happy, Joy Joy

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With judicial budgeting and bonus gift cards as well as christmas money from both sets of parents, we were not only able to get a new PS3, we were able to get a new PS3 twice the size of the old ( the old was 160gigs, the new is 320gigs) AND we were able to get the combo package that had the Playstation Move system in it as well. And it came with a game. And we have enough money leftover for another Move controller and another game we'd both been wanting.

But the BIGGEST happiness is the fact we were able to successfully transfer all of our information off the old PS3 and onto the new PS3. With the exception of losing a theme that was somehow corrupted, that we can't even remember what it was- that's how often we change the themes on our profiles, heh- everything appears to be there.

I was even able to get in Assassin's Creed:Revelations and play for a few minutes. Heh. Just long enough to be sure that my exclusive content did transfer over as well.

I've decided that I'm going to start Revelations over from the beginning as well. Why? Because I can.}:P

But first, my new copy of Alamut by Vladimir Bartol, and the book Assassin's Creed is based upon, arrived today, so I'll be over in my corner reading...


Ok, I know they arn't cheap that's why we don't own a system.....

Dad has one doesn't he? I know he has/had a xbox....

Dad has an Xbox and an Xbox360 now. He actually had TWO Xboxes, but he gave one to the kids.