Merry Yule...

Or whatever you celebrate}:)

Mark got me a wood chess set, a couple books I'd wanted and one I'd not read but am looking forward to (A Clockwork Orange) as well as season one of Justified. Yum.

I got him a PS3 game (yeah so he can't play it right now, but...), a couple CDs, and a couple small Lego sets.

My grandmother made us an lap sized afghan, and it's gorgeous and soft and super special.}:P More on that in a different post on a different day.

My dad lied when he said all they sent us was a Christmas card and that I should open it- I told him we were waiting that way we'd have something to open from them. Well, there was other stuff in it too. *glares in the general direction of home*

My Secret Santa in the Trading Post Guild on Artfire- and really, the ONLY reason I'd stay if that Artfire Guarantee crap goes through- sent me dark chocolate fudge, handmade by another guild member, and a whole lot of cabs, tiles, etc that I can bead with.}:P

And now I have sweet potatoes baking for Mark's Maple Chipotle Sweet Potatoes and eggs boiling for Deviled eggs and the rest of Christmas dinner to make before our neighbor comes over.

Mark's putting together his Legos, the new Drinkwell (BigDog version, it holds nearly 2 gallons!) fountain that was the pets' Yule gift is splashing away and there's a Firefly marathon on TV.

It's a good day.

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