It's a hot beverage kind of day.

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With or without an 'extra' added ingredient...

Still haven't replied to that last email. Not sure I ever will, honestly. But it's now residing at the back of my mind, ready to bound to the forefront when I'm not paying attention. Quite honestly, I'm not sure how to politely respond.

Had a breakthrough on my dad's side of the family. I found his birth dad's grave site and that he was essentially told a tall tale by his birth mom as to when and where he died. Even have a photo of the headstone now too. So that was pretty cool. Also turns out his adoptive father comes from one of the first Pioneer families in New York, and a very illustrious family at that. There was even a book written about his 6th Great Grandfather and his descendants, which fills in a lot of gaps as far as dates for me too. That was pretty cool.

Kitchen remodel has come to a standstill (which is fine, honestly, as we don't have the money to buy the paint right now anyway). I was primer coating the ceiling when some of the decorative finish (sanded paint like stucco stuff on the ceiling) start peeling off over by the sink. So we figured we'd scrape it down and just paint over it. After all, who looks at a ceiling that much? Well, besides me.

Well, started scraping and found... well, see for yourself-

Yeah. Seems there was STILL a leak somewhere upstairs in the bathroom. I'd originally thought the water staining on the ceiling (not the back wall, that's old) was from when the faucet was leaking under the bathroom sink 2-3 months ago. But when I peeled the finish back and it dripped on me, uh, no that wasn't from 2-3 months ago, this was recent.

Plumbers came yesterday afternoon. Looked under the tub, then pulled the toilet and found that the flange where the toilet sits and where the tub drain connects (which in turn connects to the sewer stack), is cracked. And it needs replacing sooner rather than later. It's not got a temp. fix on it, but that won't last forever.

So now, the landlord needs to figure out when would be a good time to do this because one of two things needs to happen- A- the floor in the bathroom gets pulled up or B- the ceiling in the kitchen gets cut open.

Either way will leave us without a working bathroom for at least a day, so someone else will need to be here while they work in case one of us needs to run to the gas station to use the bathroom. The week he's currently considering doing this may be the week the InLaws are in town for Christmas.

Yeah, fun times, I tell ya.

The only good thing about this is that we may end up going ahead and laying the new tiles in the bathroom at that time too and getting it out of the way now rather than wait until next spring/summer.

Was looking over my sales stats in my Artfire, Zibbet and Big Cartel shops, trying to see if I could justify still paying out $25/month for all three shops, to figure out if sales were still good enough to warrant keeping them all. And quite frankly, they aren't.

Last sale in my Zibbet shop was February 2011. No sales since March. Costs my $10/mon.

Last sale in my Big Cartel shop was March 2011. No sales since April. Costs me $10/mon.

Last sale in my Artfire shop - not including trades as they really bring me no money- was May 2011. No sales since June. Costs me $6/mon.

So. I've had to make some hard choices and one of those will be to drop my Big Cartel shop back down to free status. That means I have to chose 3 of my best items to showcase there, starting in January.

I'll give Zibbet until Sept 2012. That will be exactly one year. Then, if sales haven't picked up to where they are at least paying for the shop, I'll decide from there whether to keep throwing money at it, or to close it.

Artfire is the cheapest and I've been there the longest/ have sort of a customer base, as well as friends, so I'm definitely keeping it. I am NOT going back to Etsy. That's a given.

In other news, I've listed 5 new kumihimo cuffs this week and have 2 more that'll be listed by tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll blog the last 4. After that I'm taking a day or two break from beading/weaving and will have 2 more sometime next week.

After those 2 are finished, I have plans for at least 2 more and a necklace. That should beef up my shops somewhat, I would think. Might run a % off sale for a few weeks in December.

Have decided to not do goodie bags/boxes this year, except for immediate family, as I'll have to send Yule gifts to them anyway- most of which I already have. Food stuffs has gotten too expensive right now, money is tight, the economy sucks, yadda yadda.

I'll still be making my mom's Captain Crunch crack Candy and maybe some sort of cookies, but that's about it. I just don't feel up to it this year either.

And now, I'm going to go open the box of books I just got from Barnes& and then go play Assassin's Creed: Revelations. The special content I was supposed to get with the Signature Edition did indeed install. Vlad III Tepes' sword is quite cool, the 'tomb' was a little disappointing as far as how short/easy it was, honestly.

Haven't played since before Thanksgiving, so I'm looking forward to a few hours of play time. Maybe I'll finally get that last Tower away from the coward Templar today, and keep it- which turns out is harder than getting them in the first place, lol. But fun, nonetheless.

So much for that. The disc drive in the PS3 decided to die right when I hit the button to load my game. No more video games or Netflix movies on the PS3 until we can afford the $100+ it'll cost to repair. Wonderful.