I just... wow. Etsy fails yet AGAIN.

Here. Have a bunch, and I mean a bunch, of links to various sites with posts/articles that have appeared since Friday about Etsy's latest privacy fiasco.

Penny Arcade. Of all places!


The Consumerist


Ars Technica


Brief mention on the Washington Post (about halfway down, single paragraph)

And these are just the ones I remember. There are others.

EDITED- I found more- (more being added throughout the day)

Huffington Post


Business Insider


New York Magazine

NY Convergence

Digital Trends

Digital Trends AGAIN, different article

Now Public

Help Net Security


Switched over on Yahoo News


EDITED- to add more


Geek Sugar

Of course, Etsy Bitch.}:)

New post from Ars Technica

Esscentual Alchemy

Silver Iodide

Virtual Navigator


CNET mention

(The following thanks to Eek (}:P) over on UEF)


The Mary Sue

Village Voice



Auction Bytes

Pogo was right

Geek System


Read them all. Rob Kalin, Etsy CEO, responds in the Ars Technica and Boing Boing articles and of course, is promptly slapped down by Etsy users.

After you read them all, IF you are an Etsy user, PLEASE go check your privacy settings and make sure you aren't inadvertently allowing Etsy to broadcast your real name and buying history/feedback to all and sundry.

I'll add more links as I find them.

After all this, I'm honestly wondering if it's even worth bothering to leave feedback as a buyer anymore.}:/

Various Etsy Forum links-

Etsy's latest response- Rethinking Feedback It's not going so well.

People Search Feedback (CLOSED)
Rokali's announcement about changes to feedback
Rebuttal thread to said announcement
Request that Etsy address users concerns (last I'd read, Admin had not even left a single comment in the first 20+ pages or so)
Why Etsy's bad press is bad for users
A thread by Neat Things dismissing other users' concerns, need I say more? *sigh*

There are more, but those are the most recent ones.

Edited to add this information today-

Via Scentery on Etsy-

Where to complain about Etsy's privacy issues, and the REAL issues users are having (here's a hint- it was not originally about the feedback system.)

Federal Trade Commission: http://www.ftc.gov/ftc/contact.shtm
FTC phone: 1-866-653-4261

New York Attorney General: http://www.ag.ny.gov/contact.html

TRUSTe, the organisation which according to Etsy, advised them that the changes were fine (click on button at the bottom): http://clicktoverify.truste.com/pvr.php?page=validate&url=www.etsy.com&sealid=102

Send CNN a news tip: http://us.cnn.com/feedback/tips/index.html

Contacts for blogs writing articles on this issue:
Consumerist: tips [!at] consumerist.com
Ars: http://arstechnica.com/site/contact-ars-technica.ars
Gizmodo: tips [!at] gizmodo.com

-People still have to opt-out of being searchable. Those who signed up before this change are still automatically opted in regardless of if they gave consent. The feedback change does not prevent this.
-Despite the feedback change, the old Google results remain in Google cache, which includes people's feedback and their names.
-As of yesterday the sign up form still does not warn people that their real name will be public once filled in and that it is not required.
-Etsy did not notify everyone of the privacy change, only some. And the e-mail they sent out simply glossed over the issue.
-Most announcements/changes are still made via the forums which the minority frequent.
-Removing your name is still not automatic- it's manual and requires an "approval" process.
-People cannot have their information deleted when they choose. Even upon account closure, Etsy still keeps their information.

vBulletin statistics


Just got the Yahho link, need to find the About.com link, which brings the total to 18 so far.

I'm trying to link directly TO the article in question so there can be no doubt.}:)