Back to Basics

Getting back to what I once was doing, years ago, and stopped for whatever reason- studying herbs & spices, their origins, uses in both culinary & medicine- folklore & modern, etc.

I have a notebook I'm writing out key things in, in long hand- I find I retain knowledge better that way. Then I'll be retyping it into a blogpost. They will be tagged 'herb/spice studies' if you want to follow along.

First up is my (by no means whatsoever complete) Bibliography, which will be added to as I add to my collection of various books. Some are 'questionable', I know, but well, they tend to contain a small amount of useful information, so they are included as well. If they are still in print, a link will be included as well.

I hope to do this at least once a week, maybe twice.

In no particular order- (Title, Author, Publisher, Copyright date, ISBN#)

The Spice and Herb Bible Ian Hemphill Robert Rose Pub. 2006 ISBN- 13-978-0-7788-0146-7

The Encyclopedia of Herbs and Spices Clevely, Richmond, Morris, Mackley Hermes House Pub. 1997 ISBN- 1-901289-06-0

The Complete Book of Herbs and Spices Bremness, Norman Viking Studio Books Pub. 1995 ISBN- 0-670-78029-4

Simon & Schuster's Guide to Herbs and Spices Simon & Schuster Pub 1990 ISBN- 0-671-73489-X

Herbs Lesley Bremness Reader's Digest pub. 1990 ISBN- 0-89577-355-4

Complete Illustrated Holistic Herbal David Hoffman Barnes&Noble Books Pub. 1996 ISBN- 0-76070-155-5

Foods that Harm, Foods that Heal Reader's Digest pub. 1997 ISBN- 0-89577-912-9

Herbs for the home Jekka McVicar Viking Studio Books pub. 1995 ISBN- 0-670-86352-1

The Holistic Herbal Directory Penelope Ody Chartwell Books Inc pub. 20001 ISBN- 0-7858-1351-9

Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs Scott Cunningham Llewellyn Publications 1994 ISBN- 0-87542-122-9

Rodale's Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs Rodale pub. 1987 ISBN- 0-87857-699-1

A Merry Christmas Herbal Adelma Grenier Simmons Quill publishing 1968 ISBN 0-688-07080-9

Herbally Yours Penny C. Royal Sound Nutrition publishing 1982 ISBN 0-9609226-1-X

Traditional Home Remedies, Old Farmer's Almanac Martha White Time Life Books publishing 1997 ISBN 0-7835-4868-0

Tussie Mussies Geraldine Adamich Laufer Workman publishing 1993 ISBN 1-56305-106-0

Language of flowers Kate Greenaway Dover publishing 1992 ISBN# 0-486-27372-5

Taylor's Pocket Guide to Herbs and edible flowers Chanticleer Press publishing 1990 ISBN# 0-395-52246-3

The Herb Tea Book Susan Clotfelter Interweave Press publishing 1998 ISBN# 1-883010-60-8

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Oooh! I look forward to these posts! Like you, I began this study years ago and got sidetracked.

Here's my booklist:

We don't overlap much. I have one each by Hoffman and Ody that you don't list (as well as Hoffman's Holistic Herbal, which I adore). And I can recommend Grieve - dry as dust, but packed with info.
Thanks for that.}:P I don't care how dry they are as long as they're readable and I can sift good info from them, lol.
And one of these days I'll fill my page on LIbrary thing. Having nearly 2k in books makes it long, tedious and boring.}:P GoodREads too, lol.
LT cataloging is slow work, but so satisfying! I only have a fraction of my ~3k books done. I go in fits and starts - I'll spend hours and hours at it for a few days and then forget about it entirely for maybe a year! LOL

Much of what I have still to catalog is old - pre-ISBN, and some pre-20th century - and therefore much less likely to show up on searches, which means I'll be doing more manual entry. Hence the stalling. *g*

I'm on GoodReads but don't find it at all attractive, so I've never cataloged over there. I'm a fan of LT, I've been a lifetime member for years and years.

And oh yes, Grieve will give you tons of info.
I may have some spare money this week, I think I'll look for a copy.}:P

I hear ya on the pre-ISBN books, I have a few myself.}:P

And here the hubby thought we had a lot of books, lol.