[info]wolfsilveroak wrote
on November 4th, 2010 at 12:43 pm

My Sims3 Game hates me.

That's all there is to it.

I have a bachelor Sim- lives alone, has few friends, in a 1 bedroom 'Penthouse' highrise in Bridgeport(the newest neighborhood that came with the latest EP, Late Night). His callbox rang and Morrigan Hemlock, one of the new Vampires that came with the new EP, wanted to visit. He'd just met the Hemlock family a Sim day before, so I figured, ok, why not, he needs to work on his relationships anyway.

She arrives at his apartment, with her toddler daughter in tow. Walks into the study (could be a 2nd bedroom if he [I] decides to get married and have kids). Kid is throwing a fit because she's tired according to her thought bubble. Mom's thought bubbles alternate between HER being tired and STARVING.

Morrigan Hemlock puts her toddler down on the floor and heads to my Sim's fridge to get whatever she thinks she can eat- I had no Plasma Fruit, the Vampire food, I suppose. My Sim, Brendan, picks up the toddler.

Suddenly my game zooms to the living room area, where MORRIGAN IS DYING OF STARVATION.

Wait... what?

What the devil am I supposed to do with a TODDLER, you fool woman! Brendan is so not set up for a kid, being single, having 200 simoleans to his name and NO PLACE FOR A COFFIN FOR A VAMPIRE TODDLER.

The damn fool was so busy mourning and wailing that he ran out of time to play Death a game of chess in a bid to save her. &*#@$%@%$^&%^**()#$.

Thankfully, after she went into the square plain box of an urn, it and the toddler- who walked into the room literally deathglaring at Brendan, like it was his fault her mom didn't eat before she came over- both vanished. My Sim had to clean up the pile of ash.

Things I learned- When Vampires die, they flash brightly and turn to smoke, then ash. Their ghosts, as evidenced here, are pretty damn cool looking. MAKE SURE THE VAMPIRES HAVE EATEN BEFORE THEY VISIT.

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