[info]wolfsilveroak wrote
on November 2nd, 2010 at 02:08 pm

Progress photos of new beadwork piece...

First, a belated Happy Birth Day to Morrigan, who glares at me as I work, more often than not. Samhain was when she first showed up here, so we, ok *I* , designated that as her birth day. And yes, that would be Sims3 loading in the background. It used to take up to an hour to load, until we figured out the issues and fixed it. That was when I'd get the majority of my beadwork done. Now it loads in 20 minutes. Whoops.

All the cabs were beaded around and into place by day two- hour two. I worked on it about an hour each day, until I fixed my game, now I work on it in 15-30 minutes bursts. Heh.

Day three saw the start of the lines and spirals- the center in a deep red, using Japanese Matsunos, the outer, upper ones in glossy black Czech glass seed beads. I finished the inner spirals and started on the upper spirals that night.

This was where I stopped on Day three. Inner and outer spirals finished, work started on other side.

I worked on it a bit on day four, finished all the lines and spirals. You'll note a new line up the center.

On day five, I decided the piece needed a bit of the pale blue in the cabs to tie it all together, and thus added blue topaz chips to the line up the center.

I also added 4 smokey quartz druks to the sides and 2 clear quartz druks below the top side cabs. More blue topaz chips were added around the clear quartz.

The end of working on the piece on day five, this was where I was. Still don't have a name for it- well, I have a temp. name, but that may change.

Last night, I started on the filling in part. This will take awhile. Heh. When I quit last night, I had roughly an inch done on the one side, a line of beads along the top and started on the other side. Instead of sewing each bead individually, I figured out it goes faster, looks straighter, if I couched a number of beads done at a time. So that's what I'm doing- stringing about a dozen beads, then sewing them down every 2 as I go.

At this rate, I expect it'll take several weeks to finish. The filling in part is fairly straight for and boring, so I'll do updates as I change colors within the pattern.}:)

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