Etsy fails yet again.

This time, they got a jewelry designer who signed up on Etsy 10 days before her Storque article came out, who does not sell on Etsy, to write an article calling for the outright BAN of ALL coral. Not the ban of illegally obtained coral- ALL coral- legal, washed up on the beach type, even fake- it makes no distinction.

Not only that, but the article then goes on to link to offsite selling areas for said jewelry designer's pieces. Yeah, another flagrant violation of the Etsy TOU.

When sellers started calling Etsy Admin out on the numerous TOU violations, the writer, and her offsite linking, comments were immediately disabled on the article. Numerous threads in the Forums have been started- and subsequently locked- about what is now being called 'Storquegate' or 'Coralgate'.

Someone posts in a thread that they were glad the article was written, about ethical/environmental choices- which the article doesn't provide any of, and that it exposed a 'big issue' on Etsy.

Problem is- That's not what the article was about at all.

The article was not about ethical/environmental choices. The article was about NOT using ALL of a certain thing, without offering any alternatives, or mentioning that some of that certain material ARE legal to use and that many sellers here are ethically conscious and use only the legal stuff.

The article bashed an entire range of sellers, not only here, but elsewhere as well, without going into whether those sellers who use that material, use the legal stuff or not.

It was NOT an article designed to promote a reasonable discussion of ethical/environmentally friendly alternatives, it called for a complete and utter STOP of any use of that certain material.

It was designed to inflame the community at large, it deliberately flaunted multiple violations of the TOU WE as sellers are forced to abide by and it denigrated us as users overall.

Etsy Admin must be proud of themselves for creating such a failtastic firestorm.

For the record- I do not use coral, fake or otherwise, in my pieces. I do have a few pieces, of beach combed coral, in my private collection. I am not about banning all coral, I respect those who use legally obtained coral in their pieces.But this flagrant touting og the TOU we as sellers are forced to abide by, is utterly ridiculous.

Edited to add- apparently there are now sellers being HARASSED in convos for having coral in their shops. And still Etsy keeps silent on the matter.