[info]wolfsilveroak wrote
on September 16th, 2010 at 03:34 pm

Possible goodbyes...

There's an old Birch tree out at the end of the drive in front of the house. It's the one landmark I could always describe to people so they knew how to find the house.

Back in June, after that rash of severe storms that brought down a Tree down the road, cut out electric for nearly 24 hours and resulted in the landlord having 3 Trees removed down there, Asplundh came by and chopped out the top of the Birch facing the road, where the telephone pole wires ran. It hasn't really recovered or grown THAT much, so I'm failing to understand why they're back again today, needing to chop out more or...

Possibly remove it in its entirety. I told them they had to talk to my landlord. The guy said he hoped he wouldn't have to remove it, but couldn't explain why it needed chopping back again.

I'll miss that Tree if they do remove it completely. Though the red barberries planted in its shade won't miss it, I'm sure. I do have a potted Washington Hawthorn I can plant in its place if I need too as well. Heh. And lots of Birch seedlings scattered around...

And yes, I had to move Orion, the CR-V, out of the drive.}:/ No idea where my neighbor will park now, as I'm in his roommate's spot and he certainly can't park in the drive like usual right now. Heh.

Although, if they remove that dead branch that's directly over where we park, I won't complain one bit...

Seems my BiL, SiL and niece may be moving to the other side of the state in the next few months. The BiL put in for a new position within the company he works for and has apparently had a first interview, with a second planned for next month. She says they should know something by the end of Oct.

Huh. Good for them, I guess. Means we won't see the niece/goddaughter as much, but... well, whatever makes them happy, I guess.

In other news, the hair is now two-toned. Green on top, merging into blue at the bottom and blue-green in the back - though currently it looks black.

And let me tell ya, it wasn't easy getting a shot that showed the top, bottom and back. Sheesh.

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