Well, that was fun... not.

Took Mark to work this morning. Now normally, when I take him to work, I grab my keys on the way out.

This morning, I didn't. Whoops.

Anyway, took, him to work and came home. Got laundry together to go do it, read emails, putz'ed around a bit. Then left.

Still didn't grab my keys.

This is important, because I , being strange, lock my car at the laundromat. Even though I can plainly see it, no matter where I stand. And the Car, being the Banshee Car-despite not actually wailing like one anymore, mind you, refuses to let go of the key from the ignition. No, it's not worth fixing, that's why we have 3 keys.

So, I do my laundry, think bad thoughts at the weird old woman who kept staring at me, Didn't her mom teach her that staring is bad manners? Yes, I have blue hair, take a picture, it'll last longer. No, I don't want your damn rugs, quit hovering over them and by proxy, blocking my laundry. That sort of thing.

Read my book- Shadows Return by Lynn Flewelling, realising I really don't like Phoria, and damn, the woman knows how to spin a tale to get one enthralled from Chapter one- never you mind this is the 7 book I've read by her and the 4th in her Nightrunner 'series', drink my Mountain Dew, listen to my Zune- loudly, keeps people from trying to talk to me, and fold my clothes when they're dry.

Then, after I've folded said clothes, place said clothes in the basket, am winding up my earphones, I realise... I left my keys at home and am now locked out of the car.

Yes, dear Friends, it took the better part of an hour and a half to realise this. Never said I was the brightest person that early in the morning.

Sooo... I go talk to the attendant, and leave my basket in the office and start hiking home.

The good- it's less than 1/4 mile tops.

The bad- IT'S COLD OUT THERE. They're calling for SNOW tonight, for crying out loud.

30 minutes later, I'm home, with the car, mind you and letting a confused Caena out to go play in the leaves while I cool off. That much exercise makes one work up a sweat when they're wearing a Tshirt, a hooded sweatshirt AND a flannel on top of that.

Good thing walking is good for a person.

Now I need some Tea.


I locked myself out of my house for the first time last week. Not bad considering I've been here four years.

I used to lock myself out of my car ALL the time when I was younger. I was such an idiot.
(I so need to get a personal journal over here...

Hi -- ResQdog51 on LJ, spiraltimi on AIM. You were nice and gave me a magi egg?)

Do you not keep a magnet on the car with a door key?

Also -- OOH! The 4th Nightrunner book is out?? I missed that! I'm going to have to go get that one, tomorrow... is it any good? (I'm thinking yes?)

did it snow yet? *grin*

I want you to remember this post at Giftmastime, it's important

This is why I have a spare set in the side pocket of my purse.... Keegan is getting too big to hoist through windows, besides that I have them all sealed shut for winter... so forgetfulness is one early sign of Alzheimers you know..... hehehehehe

I have gone mad on tastebook..... I have three going now, one for everyday recipes, one for ethnic recipes and one from crockpot recipes....

Re: I want you to remember this post at Giftmastime, it's important

You ALREADY HAVE gone mad.

I don't carry a purse, silly.}:P

Re: I want you to remember this post at Giftmastime, it's important

well then, the puppy is getting one for Giftmas.... and I guess YOU are getting homemade puppy treats

Re: I want you to remember this post at Giftmastime, it's important

WEll, make it a big totebag I can use for groceries>}:P One can never have too many of those.}:P

Re: I want you to remember this post at Giftmastime, it's important

For sure, it will come in handy when you lock yourself out again.... lol

BTW this is the best chicken and dumplings I have ever had:

I know, I know...it's Emeril, but he got this one right, I uncomplicated it a tad by combining steps when I did it

Re: I want you to remember this post at Giftmastime, it's important

oh, and for the record, my insanity is what draws people to me... people like YOU ;p

Re: I want you to remember this post at Giftmastime, it's important

Pfft, like draws like.


The damn Russians killed LJ again.... bastages, 2 kids from Beaverton, Oregon kept it running non-stop from their garage, no censorship.... till big shots and foreigners got involved

Re: btw

They're moving the servers from SF, Ca to Montana, silly.

They claimed it'll take 4 hours, starting at 11am PST. We all laughed at them.

Re: btw

There is no technology in Montana.... what are they thinking?

Re: btw

no earthquakes, fewer fires, not getting ready to fall off into the ocean...

Re: btw

More likely it's about cheap rent, cheap labor....
I really must start reading some of Flewelling's books.

Also, I miss Roanoke. Everything being in walking distance was such a lovely thing. I used to live on Apperson Drive, and walk down to the used bookstore past Electric Drive, near the... um. Burger King, was it? Or maybe it was a McDonald's. I forget now. Some fast food joint. :)
If it's the one I'm thinking of, Wendy's and the Paperback Exchange.
Yes, that's the one! I miss the Paperback Exchange. The one here sucks-- they refuse to take half the books I bring down. :/
*hangs head* I haven't been there yet and I've been here 7 yrs. I LOVE Too Many Books down on Grandin though.
Givens was always my first choice stop. But PBE was next. I don't know if "Too Many Books" was there back when I lived up there!