[info]wolfsilveroak wrote
on August 22nd, 2008 at 09:45 pm

Today has been one big day of major suck with an interesting note.

So we go out to the car this morning for Mark to go to work, and I can have the car for the day, to go get groceries, etc. And... it won't start. We had to get a jump from the neighbor. I hope it's just the battery, as I've said before, we need to consider getting a new one as this one was looking rather ragged.

We get to Mark's work, he turns it off because he wants to make sure the car will start again for me.

It won't start. The battery should have been recharged by then.

He ended up taking a sick day, so we could go get a new battery. Yeah, there went the extra money we had set aside from this week.

We went grocery shopping with what we had left, got only what we needed or would run out of in the next week. We did good, I must say.

Get home and my damn cell phone is ringing. My father in law had wanted me to call him yesterday, only they weren't home. So he called me back today. Apparently, when the bro and sis in law were up in New Jersey last weekend, they mentioned my thinking of selling the Demon Truck to a junkyard.

He wanted me to consider donating it to Goodwill or an organization similier. I'd already thought of that, when I first thought about getting rid of it. Only Goodwill and similier around HERE, won't take a non-running vehicle and it's not worth it to me to fix it. Kelley Blue Book only goes back to 1988, the Demon Truck is a 1986 model, so I can't even really get a market value on it, essentially it's worthless.

I have also considered calling up the local high schools and seeing if they have any shop-type classes that might be interested in it. Told him all this. Well, he had a name/number of an organization that apparently takes vehicles in any condition, running and non. Hmm. Ok, worth checking into to see if they're in my area.

Then he said, well, you consider donating the Truck, I'll give you $3,000 towards a new vehicle.

I looked at Mark, my jaw dropped. Then I explained that we weren't planning to replace the Truck with getting ME a new vehicle, but that sometime in the next year, we hoped to trade in the Car for a newer vehicle. So he said he'd give us the $3,000 towards that if we wanted.

Wow. Just wow.

So now I need to look up this organization he gave me and see if they're in my area, as well as go get a new title for the Truck.

So lately, I've been really missing Dante. Just her companionship in general. Really wishing it was January already so we can start looking for a Rescue pup. Been trying to come up with a good name for our next Akita as well, one that would sound relatively nice in Japanese, to keep with the naming thing we had with Dante-Inu (French-Japanese for Devil Dog) and to go with the fact that Akitas are Japanese dogs.

Well, I had thought 'Phoenix' would be a good name. 'Phoenix Rising' would be even better. Hmm, let's translate that to Japanese...

Phoenix- Fenikkusu Not bad, ok, not great but, we can work with it. Let's continue...

Rising- Joushou, Kishou, Shinkou, Botsubotsutaru, OR Ryuuki

Err, yeah... No.

Any combination of Fenikkusu with ANY translated Rising just... doesn't work for us. Bummer. Just doesn't sound good.

Back to the drawing board. *sigh*

Patience is a virtue...

In that regard, I finally was able to get a couple good, clear shots of the newest resident. He still needs a name, despite being here nearly a month. He thoroughly enjoys the 30g fish tank-

He is currently mad at me, if fish can be, as I used a flash on that shot. Otherwise he looks likle this when the light is low-

Eventually, I'll come up with a name.

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