[info]wolfsilveroak wrote
on November 26th, 2007 at 03:22 pm


I have decided that I want to build a new Angel deck.

A White and Black Angel deck, with splashes of Red if I can swing it.

I need lots of spare cash to buy the actualy cards, lol.

But if I can do it, and it works out, I might just have me another formidable deck, one that actually uses a color I rarely use(black).

Might end up not completely Tournament legal, but will still be fun in a multiplayer, informal setting.

By the by, I had one person unfriend me shortly after I started talking about Magic:The Gathering and playing it on weekends.

I can only surmise that's why they unfriended me, as they never responded to my comment about it. It is highly coincidental, after all.

It's ONLY A CARD GAME, people. For cryin' out loud. It's no more Satanic or Evil than AD&D is. And YES, we play THAT sometimes as well. Hel, it's no worse than Monopoly! Sheesh.

Not like I'm dabbling in black magic and sacrificing small children after all.

It highly amuses me that my beliefs don't scare people off, but the fact I play MtG and write about it, does.

But hey, if it offends you, you know where the unfriend buttons are.

No sweat off my back.

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