Since when do the corners on an ARTQUILT have to be exactly 90 degrees?? They weren't made to have mitered corners. That's not part of the overall design.

Since when does the binding on an ARTQUILT have to be exactly straight?? They weren't made to be perfectly straight, for crying outloud. (On Fire At Dawn, FIRE itself isn't straight, and the design wasn't made to be straight either. Nor was it made to have an overabundance of quilting.)

Since when does there have to be, on an ARTQUILT, tons of quilting?? No one ever heard of less is more???

In otherwords, I just got the critiques from the first of 2 shows, and all of them say the same thing. And yes, I stated in the submission forms all of this. I don't think they read them.

Also, why can't they have an artquilt catagory intead of simply a Miniature catagory. Grr.

Overall, I got 'Satisfactory/Satisfactory+' across the board. Which is better than last year. So I guess that's something.


That's why I quit responding}:P

When the local shows finally break down and add an ArtQuilt catagory, then maybe they'll stop complaining about wonky edges and nonmitered corners.