In a fit of manic creativity last night, instead of merely cutting the pattern out for Mark's SCA rapier armore, I laid it out on the duck canvas, traced it out in seamstress chalk, and proceeded to cut every piece out. That's 4 of each piece.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find my full size scissors, so had to use small, thread cutting type ones (instead of the 7", I had to use my 5"), and broke one side of the handle in the process. Really need to find my other scissors.

And that's just the black duck canvas, still have to cut out 4 pieces of each in the burgandy duck canvas, then again with with natural, only 2 pieces of much of the pattern for that, and in the nice silk weave cloth we bought to make him a court doublet.

He did the dishes for me last night. His ulterior motive was so I'd have more time to work on his armor. *rolls eyes* I honestly did more last night than I planned. Heh. Was originially going to cut it out over the next couple of days. But now... Now I have to set the sewing machine up and actually start sewing it. Heh.

But first, need to find the drill bits and move the sections of fencing we're supposed to work on putting up next weekend. If it doesn't rain.

It's kind of odd... waking up at 530am and realising you don't have to get up and go to work.}:P Need to retrain my brain to stop thinking about work, dammit.

Ok I've procrastinated enough, time to go to work.. err.. not really.
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