[info]wolfsilveroak wrote
on June 29th, 2007 at 09:53 pm

So tired...

Did a 4 mile round trip hike today.

Up to Cascade Falls. Luckily it decided not to rain on us. Heh. In fact, it was nice enough to hold off raining on us until we got home and after I finished grilling out the steaks for dinner. It's currently pouring.

Get back to the parking lot and .. the battery in the Banshee Car is dead. Wonderful.

So we spent an hour nearly, asking people if they had jumper cables. Lo and behold the ONLY people with cables is a mother-daughter duo and it's the MOTHER's truck, which is parked right next to us. NONE of the guys had cables. NONE.

What the hel is up with that? I have cables in the Demon Truck. I told Mark, we're getting an extra set to put in the car. We(Kat and I) found it very hard to believe that even the park ranger stationed at the Falls area didn't have any. Oh but he had a phonebook! Grr.

Got hundreds of photos. Uploaded the ones Kat took from her camera, need to upload mine. So there will probably be photos tomorrow afternoon or something. Too tired today.

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