Banshee Car is acting up. Won't shift out of second gear. Which, according to Mark(laughs at this part), it could be anything. The last time it did this, it was the altenator. Saturn has a safety feature that when the altenator goes bad/starts going bad, it won't shift out of second gear.

Now, he's describing exactly what happened last time, yet clams "It could be anything."

Well bullshit. You'd KNOW if it was the transmission. Simply because the last time the car was low on tranny fluid, you could tell because it strained to shift. So if it's not doing that, and is acting like it did the last time the altenator went out, chances are, its the altenator again.

He wants me to call the garage down the street and have them come get the car. Umm, why not take it down to Advanced Auto and have them test the altenator first before we fork out 75.00 just for a tow and then who knows how much for them to simply tell us what's wrong with the car? Why? Because that's too easy, of course.

So now, he's driving the Demon Truck, and I cringe every time I hear him not only start it(he revs the engine ALOT), but drive off in it, cause he treats it like the car and I'm sorry but you simply cannot jam the gas pedal and expect it to suddenly take off. Grrr.

Now I gotta talk him into taking the car to Advanced Auto and having them check the altenator and probably take him to work in the morning so I have a semi-reliable vehicle. *sigh*

Edit-9:25- Email from Mark-
"I stopped at the light at Edgewood & Brandon. While I was waiting for the light to turn green, I noticed the sound on the speakers had gone to shit. They sounded like all four blew at once, but the distortion was in time with the engine. When I tried go, the transmission was locked in 2nd gear and did not shift out of it.

I talk to my parents, Dad said to go out and see if it will start. If it doesn't, then take it to a Saturn Dealership (I pass one every morning) and have them fix it. They will take care of the bill."

Sometimes I like my father in law.

Edit-1039- Just talked to Mark. Apparently there's a stipulation on his dad paying for the repair of the car. It depends on how much it will cost. If its too much, then apparently he has said he'll help with a down payment for a new used vehicle. Umm, right. Whatever.

So I wash my hands of it. I told Mark to do whatever, its his car, if he gets another one instead, then its going in his name and I was having nothing to do with any of this. I told him to do whatever. I don't care anymore.