October 15th, 2008

Tweet Time!

A brief update as to what I'm doing lately...

  • @Airbrshldy These days? They're lucky to get any good snow. But most likely late Nov on through April. Or, used to be. (I'm from lower Pen.) #
  • Cleaning up my Favorites on Etsy. #
  • Ok, this is ridiculous. Cox is having webmail issues AGAIN. #
  • @EmilyBalivet That's ridiculous, they expected it to magically arrive the instant they paid?!? I'd contact Admin about that. #
  • Sent Cox a nasty gram about their REGULAR email server outages. This is unacceptable in such a large company, for this to be a daily thing. #
  • Dear Nebraska- When you will fix the stupid Law?!? tinyurl.com/4dqyst #
  • retweet AMBER ALERT - @genochurch's 14 yr old daughter is missing - PLEASE RETWEET tinyurl.com/5yodvb #
  • Hullo to all new Followers- Warning, I talk about my new Rescue akita pup alot, as well as dyeing, beadwork, gardening, rants, etc, etc... #
  • @miscellaneaarts Good point. New Followers- Cute overload warning alert. You have been duly warned about Caena.}:P #
  • Speaking of Caena, she's sleeping behind me, woo-ing in her sleep. So funny. #
  • For the new Followers- This is Caena- tinyurl.com/3kslgt #
  • TRying to figure out what to have for dinner besides chicken. #
  • Wow. O.O I chopped up a chicken breast *raw) for Caena. It was gone in 30seconds. Poster dog for feeding raw, I swear. She took right to it #
  • Oh, now I'm really pissed off- wolfsilveroak.insanejournal.com/555095.html Just dogs?!? #
  • @sixthandelm That's gorgeous, re Dragon box #
  • @redpandajewelry Hey, I've been there 2 yrs, guess I'm a vet twice over }:P (Desert Storm and now Etsy.) Congrats by the way. #
  • just found out a friend lost one of her rabbits. am so sad now. tinyurl.com/4ddcxb #
  • @JupiterSinclair any news on the lawsuit???????? it had better still be coming in march, although i'm not happy about rorschach... #
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