February 9th, 2008

EBWC, next month...

So, next month's Challenge is 'Stormy Weather' and it appears that I'll have 2 entries for this one again.

Towards that end, I had to run to A.C. Moore for some pin backs for one piece.

Me- I need to go to A.C. Moore to get pin backs.

Mark- Pin backs?

Me- Yeah, you know, pin backs.

Mark- *look of uncomprehension* What are pin backs?

Me- You know a pin? Well, it has a pin. back.

Mark- *dawning of understanding* Ohh... I get it.

Me- I'm blind now. The light bulb over your head just blinded me.

Mark- Why didn't you just say you needed a pin?

Me- Because I have pins, upstairs in that square plastic container. I need pin backs.

Mark- Whatever.

Me- You truly are a blonde sometimes, you know that?

Mark- Bite me.

Yeah, it's fun sometimes in my house.}
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If it looks like Fried Rice..

And tastes like Fried Rice...

It must be homemade Fried Rice, with Soy and Ginger marinated, pan fried, sliced boneless pork.

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