November 28th, 2004

Today was a good day.

nay, today turned into a great day.

Today I sold a pendant, of course, I didn't make the pendant, but I recouped my money on it. Good enough.

Today I made someone verra happy by giving them a lampwork bead for free.

Today I had a custom beadwork order submitted. One that I will thoroughly enjoy making. And will be bartering for. *G* means I'll get awesome Iced Chais and awesome Roast Beef on Toasted Wheat Deli sandwiches for while for it.}:P Love bartering, barter makes Wolfie verra happy.

Today I *may* have sold my Midnight Garden Amulet Bag. The same one that was almost sold before, that I didn't expect to actually sell that time, but may actual have sold in truth this time. Won't hold my breath or start ordering beads/fabric until I have the money in my hands tho.}:)

Today I showed off my fabrics and garnered quite abit of attention, and quite possibly may get some sales out it in the near future.

Will have to do more 'lap quilt' sizes, as I was told they'd be awesome as baby quilts. }:)

Today was/is a great day.