August 10th, 2004

Highly upset..

So my neighbors have been having phone line problems for the past 3 days. A tech comes out today, charges them 42.00 to tell them there's nothing wrong with the outside lines. All well and good. They're a tad ticked about it. Understandably.

I get home from work and notice something's not right with my Natchez White Crepe Myrtle. I ask Mark, did you cut my Crepe Myrtle??
he says no, perplexed look on his face.
I said its been fucking butchered! The goddamjn tech who had no right and no permission to do so, hel it wasn't even anywhere NEAR the phone lines, it screens the corner of the porch and the garbage can from the road, literally butchered half of my Crepe Myrtle. I went high and to the right, made Mark call and lodge a complaint and to let Verizon know, they will be losing our business ASAP.
The tech's foreman will be calling him back.
Ther was no call for this bush to even be touched. Let alone half the branches he chopped off, weren't anywhere near where he had to walk. Half of my plant is fucking gone.
I raised this plant from a seedling to the 6 foor beauty it was/is somewhat still. Was looking forward to collecting seeds from the seedpods the asshole chopped off too! We're talking a 50-75.00, possibly higher, for this size plant and there's no way they can even think of replacing it with anything near comparable.

Needless to say, we will be switching to Cox Digital phone by this weekend.

My poor crepe myrtle's symmetry is ruined. Its nice and full on one side, and ... skinny, skimpy, blech on the other now. There's no way it'll ever recover and be the same unless I brutally massacre the other side, which I didn't want to do in the first place as I love the wild look. Now, I don't know what I'm going to do. We put the chopped pieces in a bucket of water to see if I can get them to root, maybe I'll get a few more from them, would be nice.
But it'll never be the same now, it used to screen the garbage can and dog kennel view from the road, was a nice landscaping angle type touch, now , you can see straight back. What gets me, is its a good 20-25 feet from where the phone line box is attached to the house, let alone around a corner. so its not like he had to move branches to even get to the box, nor was/is it anywhere near tall enough to interfer with them overhead.
All I got to say is, his foreman had better have a damn good apology or equivelent handy, he's supposed to call Mark tomorrow.
I'm with a friend's mom, who says to sue their asses in between cussing them out, she's 71, lol,except I'll be hurting them more than me by taking not only my business, but my neighbor is leaving them as well. That's roughly the equivelent of 200-300 a month gone between us. I think in the long run that'll hurt them more than trying to sue them for damages.

Oh, and Gnostic, I didn't recognize the number and yes, you did wake me up, lol. That's why I dinna answer}:) I work Friday and sat midnights, so I usually stay up late on my days off, this week, Weds and Thursday.}:) Was up til 1am last night as I dinna have to be to work until 10am}:)

Update(8-11-04, 330pm) They are coming out tomorrow afternoon to take pictures, as in or eyes, the damage is extensive, so they can figure out how to compensate us. *snorts* As if. It's going to take at least 2 years, if not longer, for it to be the way it was, and even then it won't be the same.