August 8th, 2004

*yawn* But of course..

Heavy metal! You rock! It's mostly about the
music instead of lyrics for you...but you
channel most of the emotion through the lyrics!
Mosh pit for you! Just be careful you don't
give yourself a concussion with so much

What genre of rock are you?
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Right now, I just want to get in my truck and drive, anywhere, just get away from here, but unfortunately the pain would go with me and defeat the purpose.

Anyone else ever feel like that?
Between my job royally sucking- having to figure out how to tell your manager that you'll quit before you do the full time midnight until we find someone sucks, my hand and wrist aching and still not fully healed enough to do much of anything, and not being able to really DO anything... I'm getting freakin' depressed and it royally sucks big time
Not to mention if Mark asks me if I'm ok one more time whenever I walk into the room, I'm gonna deck him . Ain't nothing wrong with my right hand after all.

I copy pasted this exactly as it shows and it won't work. Mark can't help(what's the fucking sense in his taking computer programming if he can't figure out why this won't work right?!?!?) Any ideas out there??? *** All fixed now, thanks Lunah!!***
Wolf ~ Wolves are also regarded as path finders
and teachers. Wolf is represented by the
constellation Sirius, the Dog.
In the Zuni tradition the Wolf symbolizes the
direction East.
Wolf's Wisdom Includes:

Facing the end of one's cycle with dignity and

Death and rebirth

Spirit teaching

Guidance in dreams and meditations

Instinct linked with intelligence

Social and familial values

Outwitting enemies




Taking advantage of change

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Dinner with Friends..

Soo, Ben calls and asks if I want to go get a bite to eat with him and Craig(Castleberry{sp?}). so i go and actually had fun. We watched the Xgames at All Sports Cafe.
I like hanging out with Craig, he makes me laugh. He's got a good soul. I could tell Ben wanted to ask me what was going on with me, but I got the feeling he didn't quite know how. *shrugs* Oh well.

We ended up at the Salem Skate Park, where Dan(Judge) and his girlfriend , Amanda, joined us.
I like watching them skate. There's a sense of grace and balance to it. When they're on, its very fluid. Better than watching it on TV. Especially when you see 13-14 yr olds who you know in a few years will be right up there with the pros.

Ben's back is bothering him again. He's not sure if he's got a pinched nerve, or something along the lines of a kidney infection. Either way, he won't go to the doctor about it. Not that he can really afford to. He's in some considerable pain either way tho.
May have sold his motorcycle for him last night. He needs the money badly, so I kinda hope it goes through for him. also found someone who can do concrete drilling for him to finish a job for Carillon (the local monopoly type healthcare system here), which means 2-3k, which means, he gets a little out of his financial straits. Every little bit helps and I know he don't know it, but I still send money in for him for his child support as I can. I just hope these things come through for him, as it'll get him mostly caught up.
He has a job offer lined up, waiting to hear as to whether he gets it or not. He needs it, means more money. So here's hoping.

Dropped him off at home, told him I'd talk to him tomorrow. Half hoping he calls, but half hoping he don't. Go figure, cause I do miss hanging out with him. I dunno anymore.