New addition to the Wolf Pack}:P

Meet Nyx, a  approx. 4 months old, Gerbil. His name means 'Night'. He fits it very well too, as he's mostly active at night so far, heh.

As with the rest of the fourlegged kids, he's spoiled already too. His current living area consists of a CritterTrail 2 attached to a CritterTrail  X with a Funnels set combines to give him more roaming and viewing areas.  The plan is to locate a CritterTrail 3 and attach it to these two for lots more space. Yes, he will be an only Gerbil, as we really don't want little Gerbils and are unsure of the sex, so rather than get two and risk breeding or fighting, we're sticking with one. Hey, it took me several weeks to convince Mark to let me get  him!

As you can see, he quickly figured out the spinning wheel on the top of the CritterTrail X. He discovered that last night.

He also knows how to get it to go both ways. Its funny watching him as he gets it going so fast, he ends up hopping rather than running in it. At least he'll get lots of exercise as well.

He loves the spiral, and runs up and down, leaping off halfway up. On the far side of his home, there's a tube that runs up with a section that sticks out so he can 'observe' the area. He'll sit in that section and watch the Boys when they climb up on the dresser to eat. (He's on top of the rabbit's cage temporarily)

He's insatiably curious. When you walk into the room and go near his area, he'll run up to the front of the cage and watch you. He's also quite obviously a picture hog.

He hasn't quite figured out some of the chew/toy things in there, or what exactly to do with the timothy hay(he slept on it last night, was so cute curled in a ball), but he's learning. He is somewhat hand tame, will climb on your hand, but is still rather holding shy. I've been holding him several times a day for a few minutes at a time to get him used to us, same as we did for Puck}:)

He met Puck, Nyx was more interested in Puck than Puck was him. After a cursery sniff, Puck hopped away while Nyx was still trying to sniff him.

Aries was spellbound, staring at him for nearly an hour. Max after a few minutes wandered off, and now watches from his reclined position on the bed, otherwise ignores him.}:) Dante hasn't met him. Heh. Otherwise, he fits right in.}:P