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Jan. 1st, 2020

Good GP


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Nov. 11th, 2014

[Semi] Wordless Wednesday

NYC from Ellis Island

A view of New York City, and the Freedom Tower, as seen from the Wall of Honor area of Ellis Island. Nov 2014.

Remember to thank a Vet today.

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Oct. 31st, 2014

Preparing for winter...

Today, I went out and finally dug out a 1ft x 1ft trench around the new Crepe Myrtle planted by the driveway, added good dirt and covered it back over with the hard gravel. All in an attempt to help it settle its roots in better before winter really gets going, since it's pretty hard packed where it is.

Then I moved potted plants on the porch that will overwinter there, up against the house, well sheltered with the heavy pond liner up against them. I need to get burlap or something to cover them with and then, hopefully, they'll be ok there.

Everything that needed watering, was thoroughly watered. Cut back the butterfly bush to well below the front window for the winter, it'll come back fuller and better next spring. Cleaned out the bird bath and refilled it- the sparrows are enjoying it. Added dirt to that bed and the side bed.

Moved metal edging back around front where we will build a new raised bed for vine like veggies against the fence next year. The new gate works extremely well. Swept up leaves off the front walk and against the fence where they'll mulch in.

I think I'm as prepared for the wintry weather they're calling for this weekend as I can be right now. And now I can go back to weaving a new winter scarf for listing.

Hand dyed some 100% wool yarn last weekend, let it sit for several days and got a varigated reddish brown shade to much of it, with hints of black. Lovely color, if I do say so myself. May overdeye the finished product with a dark red, to bring out the red tones more, not decided yet.

I'm about 2/3rds of the way finished with weaving the scarf. It's a straight forward, standard weave, no fancy stuff. Trying to do some simpler, less expensive, warm scarves for the winter. It's roughly 12" wide right now, but will shrink when washed, to between 10.5" and 11.5". Not sure on the length, but generally between 5.5' and 6.5', good for wrapping around the neck, head AND shoulders, I think.

Hope to get it listed by next week and several more over the course of November, with an eye towards a good sale in December (thinking 40-50% off to move some stock and catch last minute shoppers who need stocking stuffers, etc.).

Anyway. Back to work I go.

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Oct. 29th, 2014

Sometimes the ghosts demand to be heard

Last night was a bad, bad, brain night.

For some reason, as soon as I closed my eyes, all I could think about was the stray cat in Okinawa and how we treated her after she'd had her kittens in our apartment, then tried to take them away, which was second nature to her. We had named her Nomad, the kittens were Kaz, Puff and Nieko. I have photos somewhere...

As much as it may appear, 22 years ago, I was a bad, bad pet person. I think it took involuntarily losing Fritz, Eek, Niek, Lucky and Taz in the house fire 20 years ago next month to show me just how horrible I'd been to previous pets. Nothing so bad as killing her or anything other pets, but yeah, Nomad was deliberately driven away and sadly, I think, made to never trust humans again. And Kaz, little Kaz, died accidentally. They were playing and Mark had been moving the furniture and somehow managed to not only step on her, but to crush her skull. She died instantly. She was buried in the habu (jungle), which, if the maps are right, doesn't exist anymore, thanks to the base nearby expanding.

We were young and relatively inexperienced then, that's all I can really say. We seriously thought we'd be able to bring those kittens and the dog we adopted from a local shelter home to the US with us. But we didn't- we couldn't afford everything it cost, not realizing just how expensive it all would be. And they ended up in a shelter on Kadena, where I can only hope, someone adopted them and gave them excellent homes, someone who *was* able to bring them to the US.

22 years and I can still see everything so clearly as if it were just yesterday. Granted, I've learned a lot about pet ownership and myself and I like to think I"ve grown in those intervening years. But to this day, I remember clearly sometimes and still feel like I'm atoning for my actions.

Every Samhain, when I light that candle, there's a litany of names I recite, Nomad first among them and I ask their forgiveness for any wrongs I've done them. Someday, those ghosts will lay to rest and I can close that door forever.

This is not that day. This is not that year.

"We can train our bodies to forget, but not our minds." - Henry Morgan, 'Forever'

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Oct. 28th, 2014

Catch up post of sorts

I really need to get back to blogging here again.

Feline Standoff

So this happened late last week. Neither would get out of the window for about 5 minutes. Sassy has the old lady glare down perfectly. Morrigan still runs from her, but she's learning to stand her ground more. They've started more or less with the ignore each other phase. Random hisses here and there, a few growls when one or the other gets too close, but fewer as time goes on. Will they become best of friends, let alone friends at all? I doubt it. It'll be more of a tolerate each other type of truce, I think.

This weekend we finally got the gate up that leads to the backyard.

Garden Gate

It's a lovely TARDIS-esque blue (as close as we can get anyway, but taking Mark's BBC official TARDIS mug to Lowe's and paint matching it, Valspar Stained Glass Blue in High Gloss Exterior. ) It matches the front and back doors and will be echoed in a couple large pots that will be put out on the back patio once it's built next spring- we're taking the winter to gather the needed materials for said building. We also put down landscaping cloth and spread the 4 bags of pea gravel we had, figured we need at least 6 more bags to finish this stage of the pathway that'll lead from the front to the back. So far we like how it looks. WE haven't decided whether we're going to go ahead and place stepping stones or leave it as is yet.

Last Sat, we spent with the BiL, SiL and niece, since it was the weekend of the SiL's birthday. They'd gotten some very nice club chairs for their family room from the ReStore, so we went by there to see what they had in terms of a couch and came home with a really nice bench that we got for $30.00.

New bench

It'll be sanded, the metal repainted a gloss black and the wood (cedar or possibly teak) will be restained a rich mahoghany and sealed. Then it'll go out on the patio next spring. Then all we'll need is a nice fire pit and a couple more chairs and our outdoor space will be set up. It's a good, solid bench, not sure if it's actually vintage or made to look vintage- there's a tag on the back I couldn't read in the store and needs cleaning before it'll be legible. Not bad for $30.00 from the ReStore if you ask me.

And now, I have yarn to rinse and dice bags to sew/weave.

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Oct. 14th, 2014

Life is twisty.

Saturday was 3 weeks since we lost Aries.

Saturday we brought home this sweet, old lady.

Her name is Sassy. She’s 15yrs old, purebred Siamese. Tiny, less than 5 lbs and oh so loving. Her previous owners, the wife developed an allergy to their pets, so they have to rehome them and knew we’d give her an excellent home for however long she decides to stay with us.

She and Morrigan are still studiously ignoring each other, but that’ll take time, naturally. She came from a home with dogs, so there were and are no issues with Caena.

I told Mark, she’s an excellent interim cat, if that makes sense. We won’t have her for nearly 20 yrs like we did Max and Aries and will Morrigan, but she’s got a home for however long it’ll be and she’s an excellent bridge between the lose of Aries (and Max in 2013) and our next 20 yr cats with Morrigan.

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Oct. 9th, 2014

Keeping busy...

Last night's Criminal Minds made me cry.

It's not their fault, they had no way of knowing that seeing the closeup of the white goo in a syringe and going down an IV tube (a murderer was executed on last night's episode) would flash me back to when Aries passed on. I completely lost it.

Last night, I heard Aries coming down the stairs again. I turned to Mark and said, please tell me you heard Aries coming down the stairs. He said he thought it was Morrigan. Morrigan doesn't make *that* particular sound when she comes down the stairs.

A few days ago, I turned to him and said I swore Morrigan was sitting behind me, because something just pawed at my chair seat like they wanted up on my desk or in my lap.

It's been a rough week. Not as rough as the week before, because Aries' ashes came home Monday- they were put with Max's in the same beautiful urn handmade by Urns over on Etsy- the same person who made Dante's urn as well, with Rosemary for remembrance and Catnip for both of them. Then it was sealed up. There was likely room for Morrigan when it's her time, but we'd already decided it was more fitting that this one have just Aries and Max and the next have Morrigan and Caena.

I've been doing a lot of little projects lately, trying to keep busy and not think so much. Sometimes it works, other times, not so much.

So I’ve been weaving shells for dice bags to keep myself occupied and to try to stop thinking Those Thoughts so much.

The two large red/gold ones are for Yule gifts. The smaller one was subsequently claimed by Mark.

Finished half size dice bag that Mark claimed.

Other dice bag shells that I did this past week and a half. One of the green, one of the red/grey and the blue are for Yule gifts. The rest are up for grabs when they’re finished. Otherwise, they'll go in the stash for Mysticon 2016. Yeah, I'm hoping to do a merchandise table there. We'll see.

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