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Jan. 1st, 2020

Good GP


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Sep. 10th, 2014

Your daily funny...

A few days ago, I received this missive via my contact form on Big Cartel-

I want to place an order from your establishment to our location here in the Netherlands. Do you ship internationally, and accept VISA and MASTER CARD as a form of payment?
Reply back at your earliest conveniences Olivia"

Amused and knowing full well it's a scam (but on the very, very slim chance it wasn't), I replied-

"Hi there!

Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, we do ship internationally and accept Visa and Mastercard as forms of payment, via PayPal. The checkout will take you to a PayPal screen where you can select to pay via credit card.

Thanks again for your interest.

Dante's Spirit"

Today, I got a response back and oh, I'm dying here. It's fun when you know you were right-

Thanks for your reply back. Its a pleasure receiving your reply back. I want to order for the below items for my customer's here, I want you to reply back with the total cost plus shipping quote. We're ready and can't wait to receive these wonderful products if yours here.
Your utmost reply back with the total quote will be highly appreciated.


Red Horses, handwoven scarf

Strawberries in Plaid, handwoven scarf



Hope to read back from you with the total cost and we can proceed and finalized my order.
Have a blissful day,

Despite laughing my ass off at this and being seriously tempted to be snarky, I'm sending this in response-

"Hi there,

Thanks for the interest. However, we do not accept orders via emails.

In addition to this, what you see on the website is what is available to order, via the website only. The items for sale are One of A Kind items, meaning, that in almost all cases, there is one item and only one item to be made, ever. There is no possibility for the creation of multiples of many of the items that you see listed for sale, including the items you have chosen.

If you would like to purchase the items that you have listed, which are again, One of a Kind items, select 'Add to Cart' and follow the instructions on the website as to paying via Credit Card.

Thanks again for your interest!

Dante's Spirit"

I am so easily amused.

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Sep. 8th, 2014

Catching up...

Last weekend we went up to the cabin for a nice get away.

While there, I worked on the most recent project, getting past the halfway point at the very least. It was fun, nice, serene and not too hot.

The bear had been back since the last time we were there. Fresh scratches on the pole out back, with hairs stuck in it and Mark found bear scat on the trail- it wasn't fresh, but was at least a week old. Lots of frogs in the pond and baby fish. Lots of raccoon and deer tracks too.

A couple of the maples up there had hints of color, so I expect by the end of this month when we go up again, more will have color on them.

This last week, we got the materials to finally start on the patio out back- the landscaping cloth, the metal edging, and a couple bags of pea gravel to start. Also picked up a can of Kilz to prime the gate sections and get them painted. Picked up a good sized watering trough for next year's tomatoes. 2ft deep x4ft long x1 ft wide, it'll be large enough for 4 plants and give them excellent root room and such.

And I finished the wrap. It's lovely, very sunset color like, and although it's not exactly how I planned, still very lovely. All that's left is the fringe which is in progress. Mark says it's so not my colors, but it is definitely very warm.}:P It'll be listed in the shop by the end of the week.

Found another Black Diamond crepe myrtle- the kind with the purple-black leaves and deep red flowers. Potted it up in a deep navy blue pot, 3 times it's size- it'll sit out on the patio when it's built as a nice plant grouping along with the 2 red barberries I picked up and need to get blue pots for as well. 3 more barberries were planted today in front of the 2 dwarf Alberta spruces and white crepe myrtle in the next bed over. That fills out that bed nicely and gives it a variety of colors and textures. Behind everything, the daylilies will fill in too.

Mark had his last- for now- major dental appointment. He's still getting used to his new teeth now and is very selfconscious about them because he's still having issues with speaking (and he's still very tender).

His mom is doing about as well as can be expected. No worse, but obviously, no better.

Today, I also trimmed up the big crepe myrtle again- it's on it's second blooming, moved bricks to make room for the gate when it's put up and finished the raised bed by the garbage can where the clematis is, trimmed dead flowers from the geranium, pulled all the dead leaves and stems from the daylilies, picked a half dozen banana peppers- lost one to critters, picked one anaheim pepper and several pequito peppers. Trimmed the tomato plant- when the tomatoes left on it are ripe, it'll get pulled.

Now, I'm going to sit around and be lazy for a bit before I go do last night's dishes.

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Aug. 25th, 2014

Thoughts. And Memories.

I'm sitting here, drinking a mug of hot Tea. Republic of Tea Vanilla Almond to be exact. With Virginia honey.

I have a cold, so already feel like crap. But all I can think about, staring out at the sparrows on the fence and the bird feeders, is the Sister In Law's comment that this Tea and a few others were from her mom (the Mother In Law) and that she didn't want them anymore, if I wanted any, have them.

It reminded me so strongly of when my mom told me about how Grandpa suddenly didn't want to put a garden in. And it made me so damned sad.

You see, every spring, like clockwork, for as long as I could remember, he had *always* had a garden. And growing up, I remember picking green beans from the back yard garden, munching on them as we went down the row. I remember digging potatoes in the side garden with my parents and grandparents, cousins. Between them and my dad, I think that's where I got my love of gardening.

But suddenly, there was no garden. Mom remarked that they had thought it was strange, but didn't say anything about it at the time. In hindsight, they wished they had. They would have gotten the Alzheimer's diagnosis that much earlier. They would have had that much more time to prepare for what was coming.

And now, I sit here, drinking my hot Tea, remembering my grandfather and thinking about my Mother In Law and it just makes me so damned sad.

Alzheimer's robs a family of so, so much. You will remember what things mean, that you used to do these things, but the person afflicted- they will not. That memory is simply gone as if it never existed. Eventually, they won't even remember you. Sure, they'll know you as someone who comes around often, who looks familier, but as to why they should know you, that they will not remember. It will simply be gone. Eventually, even the memory of you being a familiar face will also be gone. In my grandfather's case, he regressed to the point where he thought he was a child again and had to get ready for school some mornings. Before that point, he was trying to go to work- he'd been retired for a good 30-40 years or so.

The mother in law doesn't drive anymore. It's not because she can't, its more because they don't want to risk her suddenly forgetting where she was going, as she was going down the road. It's more of a concern for her than anything.

My mom told me about a time, after the bad storm that went through there and took out a significant number of trees on my grandparents' property- trees they'd planted when they bought the place-
my grandfather had taken the car to go to the neighbor's to check on them. He got there and back safely, but they found him sitting in the car- he couldn't remember how to put the windows up. They started hiding the keys after that, I believe.

So it did not surprise me that the mother in law didn't want these Teas anymore- she likely couldn't remember why she had them.

This is what Alzheimer's does.

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Aug. 20th, 2014

About that Ice Bucket Challenge thingy...

Don't bother ever tagging me in that ice bucket challenge thing. Because I won't do it nor can I afford to arbitrarily donate 100.00.
Good for those who do it or can donate that money.

There are two things I routinely donate to - Alzheimer's disease research and Akita Rescue. Because both are near and dear to me.

If that makes me a bad person (and we all know better, I trust), then so be it.

I started hiding all the reposts on Facebook. I should clarify that the reposts I routinely hide now are the celebrity ones because honestly, quite a few I could not care less about.

See here's the problem- once this ends, people will stop talking about ALS. IF they even knew that that was what this Ice Bucket Challenge was about in the first place.

It's the same with Alzheimer's, which yes, thanks to a few celebrities who have family members afflicted, is getting more attention.

We NEED to talk about these sort of diseases, because not talking about it solves nothing. It hides it from public view and the only way to get more funding and to make people care is to be vocal about it, every day, all year long, until there are cures. Not only when there's a fundraising activity going on, such as the ice bucket challenge, or the Walk to End Alzheimer's.

The more we talk about it, the more we share what we as family members or caregivers are dealing with, the more people realize just how prevalent these diseases are and that hey, it's getting worse, we need to do *something* about it now and every day.

My Mother In Law has Early Onset Alzheimer's. In just over a year, she can no longer drive, use the computer or operate the microwave. THE MICROWAVE?!?

Yet, no one talks about it. No one realizes just how BAD it gets. And if people with these sorts of diseases and their family members don't know that there IS support out there, because NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT, how are they expected to get through this on their own? They can't. You can't. Even addicts need a support system. Yet, no one wants to talk about it. Society has decided that talking about things that rob a person of who they are- ALS, ALZ, Addiction, Parkinson's, Depression, etc- is shameful and needs to be hidden away. We need to change that.

And yes, the problem with things like the ice bucket challenge is that too often the message is lost in the telling. My husband thought it was an 'either or'- Either dump a bucket of ice on yourself, OR donate money. He didn't know it was dump the bucket of ice AND donate 10.00 OR donate 100.00 if you don't dump the ice. And when this 'fad'- because yes, that is EXACTLY what it is, especially among the younger set- passes, the charity will be right back where it started with people not really talking about it or seriously donating. It's the same with the Walk to End Alzheimer's- once the season is over (it's an entire summer thing), then people stop caring as much. I imagine it's the same for addicts- you go to rehab and come out clean and people think you're cured and don't need support anymore, not understanding that it's a daily battle for you and you need that support more than ever.

We need to break the cycle and start talking about these things openly, frankly and doing it until the world ends or cures are found.

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Aug. 19th, 2014

Garden projects...

Since it's not pouring down rain today- not yet anyway- I decided to get to work on the next phase of the garden reworking.

The panel on the left was thoroughly scrubbed, the one on the right is what both looked like before scrubbing. Yeah. And I have 2 more about the same size to scrub down too. It makes a huge mess too, so much so, that I had to spray the entire porch down. Glad I closed the window by my desk earlier.

These two are exactly the same size and will be placed back to back, thoroughly attached together with hinges down one side and used as a gate. They'll also be primed and painted with exterior paint in what has become one of our garden accent colors- Tardis blue. (Ok, so it's really Valspar Stained Glass Blue in high gloss, but it was an almost exact match to the BBCA authorized Tardis Mug Mark got for his birthday a few years back from his sister. It is also the color of both the front and back exterior doors.), the other color(s) being shades of greens with a varying accents of cream and burnt orange.

All four panels will be primed and painted. Then the other two will be opposite the gate, with a nice pebble patio area between and my living wall of Wisteria on one side, the house- which is a cream color- on the other. They'll be in front of the cement block raised bed and help disguise it while still being able to be moved for access from that end.

But first I need to scrub the panels and then prime and paint them when they dry, hopefully by next weekend. They're on the porch, so should dry as long as the weather holds.

Oh look, it's raining again. *headdesk*

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Aug. 17th, 2014


Last night I dreamed of Winter.

Of snow and ice and mountains shrouded in clouds.

Of a freezing river, it's banks choked thickly with rime ice.

Of people walking into this river; if they drowned they were buried and forgotten (how the bodies were recovered from the ice cold depths, I do not know), if they survived, they were exalted. They were deemed to have been chosen.

It was a bizarre ritual.

I have started writing again. Long hand, in a blank book. It's strangely soothing and satisfying, much like gardening. I did this as a child, teenager and young adult and for whatever reason, stopped. And now, I don't want to stop. The scratching of the pencil across paper is music to my ears. I'll likely run out of paper in my books- I have 2, one for the story, one with various notes, at that point, I'll buy another.

I may share it someday, chapter by chapter. For now, this is for me.

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