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Jan. 1st, 2020

Good GP


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Jul. 29th, 2014

Various and sundry

Did some gardening stuffs yesterday- pulled the tomatoes out as the vines had stopped producing or, in the case of Jersey Devil, never even produced at all.

That was a big disappointment there- lots of vines, no flowers, which meant, no fruit. Despite well amended soil with bone meal, egg shells, coffee grounds and even blood meal, as well as pre planting compost. The cantaloupe are proving a trial too. It sets fruit, then drops them almost to the day after we spot them. Hrm.

The green beans, however, are going gangbusters. And the peas have finally starting blooming. Had to put in talerl stakes for the peas to climb.

The pequin chiles are going nuts. Have a few more sweet banana peppers coming on, as well as anaheims, so that's good there.

Repotted quite a few plants into larger pots. The Anthurium is happier now, as is the rosemary Got a second Catnip pot going- that one will go to my niece when it's a bit bigger. The wandering jew got a haircut and repotted into a slightly bigger hanging pot. That'll keep it until I can find a bigger one next spring, hopefully. Started a new pot of the cuttings, also to be given away.

Need to repot the aloe vera and the small Christmas Cactus, and Easter Cactus still. Mark got himself a cactus plant. He named it 'Snortblat'-

Mark's cactus

Meanwhile, Sat, I bleached my entire head for the first time ever. It took a good long while. Then, on Sunday, we dyed it. Yes, we. Mark helped. He helped again on Monday when we realized the deep emerald green was neither deep nor emerald , in fact, it completely washed out of entire sections and redid it. The blue came out nice, but the green is proving problematic. I think I may have gotten a bad batch or something. I've never had this many issues with hair dye. Hrm. At this point, I'm not sure if I'll try the Splat Deep Emerald again, or go back to the InkWorks green instead. But the blue came out good, even if it's not as 'vibrant' as the box shows and claimed it would be on pale blonde hair. Now to see how long it lasts. That'll be the deciding factor in whether I use this brand again.

Got a head start on this year's christmas gifts. 3 dice bags shells are woven and waiting to be sewn into, well, bags. Need to finish the scarf on the loom and I can work on my uncle'sd scarf that my aunt commissioned. Then make something for my dad and my MiL. Need to figure out what to get the FiL and my mom this year as well.

Need to go cut the sage and basil back again and dry some more. They're going nuts and I'm trying to keep the basil from going to flower. Need to do the same with the catnip, again. It's in a 12" pot and you can barely see the pot. Heh.

Next week, I'll start lifting the Irises in the front bed, amending the soil and replanting them. It's past time I did that for them.

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Jul. 28th, 2014

[Semi] Daily Photo

1929 Rolls Royce Springfield Phantom I Tourer, Gilmour Car Museum, Hickory Corners, Michigan, June 2014

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Jul. 21st, 2014

[Semi] Daily Photo

A wee, baby cantaloupe in the garden! The first we've spotted thus far!

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Jul. 18th, 2014

[Semi] Daily Photo

Daylily 'Black Prince'

Daylily 'Black Prince', July 2014

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Jul. 15th, 2014

State of the garden, July edition

Technically this covers the last week of June too, but who's counting...

Back in May, I bought a catnip plant. It was subsequently transplanted into a 10" pot and left alone for a few months. This was by the end of June, and after having multiple cuttings taken from it, as well as being rubbed against several times and munched on by Aries. It had quadrupled in size.

This is that same plant as of today. It is now in a 12" pot and it has doubled in size again. Yeah.

The driveway was regraded and recycled asphalt was put down. This necessitated repairs to the strawberry bed and the iris bed on the side, as those bricks are not mortared together (yet). The front bed along the front of the driveway also has several cracks were the small bulldozer hit it. *sigh* When I pull the irises from it, to replace the dirt, I'll have to see about potentially repairing it.

I had to thoroughly wet the driveway down while watering the front gardens before I could go smooth out the ridges and such left from the tires. Once it all compacts down, it'll be a lot smoother and weeds won't grow in it, so that's a bonus, I guess. Although, they did leave about a foot wide stretch along the strawberry bed that's bare gravel and dirt. Hrm.

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Jul. 9th, 2014

Wordless Wednesday/[Semi] Daily Photo

The moment I realize that I am turning into my father in terms of using rocks in my gardens-

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