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Jan. 1st, 2020

Good GP


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Oct. 14th, 2014

Life is twisty.

Saturday was 3 weeks since we lost Aries.

Saturday we brought home this sweet, old lady.

Her name is Sassy. She’s 15yrs old, purebred Siamese. Tiny, less than 5 lbs and oh so loving. Her previous owners, the wife developed an allergy to their pets, so they have to rehome them and knew we’d give her an excellent home for however long she decides to stay with us.

She and Morrigan are still studiously ignoring each other, but that’ll take time, naturally. She came from a home with dogs, so there were and are no issues with Caena.

I told Mark, she’s an excellent interim cat, if that makes sense. We won’t have her for nearly 20 yrs like we did Max and Aries and will Morrigan, but she’s got a home for however long it’ll be and she’s an excellent bridge between the lose of Aries (and Max in 2013) and our next 20 yr cats with Morrigan.

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Oct. 9th, 2014

Keeping busy...

Last night's Criminal Minds made me cry.

It's not their fault, they had no way of knowing that seeing the closeup of the white goo in a syringe and going down an IV tube (a murderer was executed on last night's episode) would flash me back to when Aries passed on. I completely lost it.

Last night, I heard Aries coming down the stairs again. I turned to Mark and said, please tell me you heard Aries coming down the stairs. He said he thought it was Morrigan. Morrigan doesn't make *that* particular sound when she comes down the stairs.

A few days ago, I turned to him and said I swore Morrigan was sitting behind me, because something just pawed at my chair seat like they wanted up on my desk or in my lap.

It's been a rough week. Not as rough as the week before, because Aries' ashes came home Monday- they were put with Max's in the same beautiful urn handmade by Urns over on Etsy- the same person who made Dante's urn as well, with Rosemary for remembrance and Catnip for both of them. Then it was sealed up. There was likely room for Morrigan when it's her time, but we'd already decided it was more fitting that this one have just Aries and Max and the next have Morrigan and Caena.

I've been doing a lot of little projects lately, trying to keep busy and not think so much. Sometimes it works, other times, not so much.

So I’ve been weaving shells for dice bags to keep myself occupied and to try to stop thinking Those Thoughts so much.

The two large red/gold ones are for Yule gifts. The smaller one was subsequently claimed by Mark.

Finished half size dice bag that Mark claimed.

Other dice bag shells that I did this past week and a half. One of the green, one of the red/grey and the blue are for Yule gifts. The rest are up for grabs when they’re finished. Otherwise, they'll go in the stash for Mysticon 2016. Yeah, I'm hoping to do a merchandise table there. We'll see.

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Oct. 8th, 2014

Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

We managed to catch it as it was setting on the East Coast. The storms from the previous evening had cleared out and left us a glorious sight.

The dark line across the top left side of the moon in the small photo on the left/top was an overhead wire. The ragged areas on the bottom right side of the moon in the small photo on the right/bottom are the trees it was setting behind.

This one is just because it's funny- it looks like the moon shifted itself, but really it's because I exhaled at the wrong time. Heh.

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Oct. 6th, 2014

Aries comes home today.

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Oct. 2nd, 2014

Ghosts and memories

There are a lot of ghosts in this house. There are a lot of memories as well.

Max and Aries, 2010

Mark says he saw Aries in the window on Sunday. I saw Max in the bedroom last week. I watched Aries walk into the bedroom last night. We agree that Max came for Aries.

Everywhere I look, there he is. Figuratively. The mat by the back door where he'd gouged it out, sharpening his claws. Heading up the stairs, his butt and tail at the top, laying in the hallway. Laying on the squishy bathmat in the bathroom. Sitting in the kitchen window.

On my desk, purring, sleeping and still managing to take up all the space. Putting my hand to sleep by laying across my wrist. Blocking the computer screen by simply sitting there.

On the arm of the couch. Then walking across us to the other arm. Sitting on the coffee table, or even laying there, just watching us, waiting to be fed for the evening. Pawing at the back of either of our chairs to let us know that heu, he wants in our laps or on my desk.

On the bed, sleeping. On the dresser, either eating dry food, sleeping or looking out the window. Next to my pillow at night, somehow managing to hog the upper part of the bed- I still find myself making room for him to stretch out.

Outside on the porch. Sitting in the grass, chewing on blades of grass. Under the butterfly bush, just chilling out. Walking down the sidewalk, sniffing as he goes.

Burying his head in the catnip plant. Watching the birds.

It'll take quite awhile for these ghost to settle.

It always does.

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Sep. 30th, 2014


It is so very odd to be a 1 cat/1 dog household. This is entirely new to us. Even after the housefire, we had 2 new kittehs within days- one found us, the other was adopted. And we'd still had Dante-Inu, thankfully.

Someday, both of us will stop looking for Aries when we go upstairs. It took over a year to stop looking for Max, I expect it'll take that long for Aries as well.

Morrigan says, 'I'm a pretty kitty, love on me now. But only for as long as *I* want, then I'll shove your hand away with my claws while I nip and lick you.' Yeah, Aries and Max taught her very well, both how to be aloof and how to be adorable.

So, about a month ago, the CD player in Orion (our CR-V) decided to go haywire and hold our cds hostage (it's a 6 disc changer/player).

Mark took Orion in for his 6 month oil change yesterday and got an estimate for what it'd cost to rescue the cds and possibly replace the radio/cd player.


I shit you not.

The Honda tech actually said to go to Audiotronics and get a new one and our cds out for less than 500.00 because that's what he'd do and he had no idea it costs so much through Honda either or why it cost so much.

My response was fuck that shit. As long as the radio still works, we can wait until we have the spare cash.

In better news, to get me out of the house yesterday, we went by Gamestop and Mark got Lego Marvel SuperHeroes. We also preordered Borderlands PreSequel.

On the way out, we went through JC Penney. They're having a summer clothing sale and Mark needed new work shirts. It's fun getting $250.00 worth of shirts for $40.00. Now we know when and where to look for the type of shirts he prefers. There's a few more we may go back and get later this week, if they are still there.

Trying to keep myself occupied by weaving up dice bag outer shells. Still need to photograph and catalog the new yarns from the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Fest over on Ravelry. As well as edit and post the photos I took.

That'll will happen eventually.

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