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Jan. 1st, 2020

Good GP


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Sep. 18th, 2015

Finished and in progress...

So this last week, I've been having fun figuring out the quirks of my new to me 75 yr old Sewing machine.

Quirks such as the owner's manual taken for granted that you already know how to change the foot on the machine (I didn't, so that was an adventure). Or that sometimes, but not always!, the needle must needs be in the down position before it'll start actually sewing. Or how it likes to unthread said needle at times. Hrm.

I also learned that the length of stitch has nothing to do with the tension and everything to do with the numbers on the forward and backward lever- yeah, that wasn't in the book either. And also that the photos of the different feet in the book may not actually match what they look like in actuality. Figuring out the quilting foot was interesting.

But, it was still fun and that machine is a real workhorse.

I not only made a Tesselcats wallhanging, completely from scratch and almost entirely machine sewn, I pulled out the cat of the month embroidery blocks I'd started almost 10 years ago and never finished and subsequently finished 5 of them. I should say, finished turning 4 of them into actual blocks and finished embroidering, then turning into an actual block, the fifth one.

Tesselcats top. It's not perfect, but the husband for whom it was made, doesn't care.

And after figuring out the quilting foot and then figuring out how to change said foot on the machine- it took both of us-

The finished wallhanging, complete with a simple outline quilting.

I ended up hand sewing the binding on, after machine sewing the various pieces together. Learning the quirks of the quilting foot is going to take a couple more tries.

But these cat of the month blocks turned out beautifully-

Five down, only seven to go! }:P

This is a fun combination of both handsewing and machine sewing. The finished size isn't very large, so I'm adapting the original finishing design to add sashing between not only the blocks, but the rows of blocks as well, that'll add another 2 inches between the blocks on the sides and top/bottom. Then I'm considering piecing together a strip of the outline plaids from each block to go around the very outside to add another 2 inches around, followed by another 2 inch strip of sashing, then the binding. Over all, that should add at least 12 inches to each side, making it closer to 48 inches long by 46 inches wide, instead of 36 inches by 34 inches, roughly.

The next step is finding a nice fabric that'll compliment light and dark red and green plaids.}:P After that, I'll have a nice, handmade throw quilt.

Have I mentioned I love this machine, quirks and all? Yeah.

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Sep. 3rd, 2015

Various and Sundry

Do you know how difficult it is to really do anything on the computer when confronted with this?

Miss Sassy does not approve.

We got the 1940 Kenmore sewing machine back on Tuesday and got her set back in the cabinet, the treadle hooked back up to the cabinet side. Just need to put the under wiring back in place, get an extension cord and try her out. They cleaned her, adjusted the tension and managed to find a new motor pulley for her. They said they got lucky in that regard. All told, $117.37 to do all that. So much less than either of us ever expected. I've already picked out the first quilt block I'll be trying out on her too, plan is to make a wall hanging of Tesselcats for the husband.}:P It's only fitting, since after all, it was his paternal grandmother's sewing machine.

Along the lines of fiber art, this is extraordinary. Wow. I would love to see that fiber in person. Maybe someday.

So, my town has implemented 'single stream recycling', and dropped off bright blue recycling bins at every street address. Before, they had small green totes and you had to call to get them and then *pay extra* for the recycling pickup*. Yeah, stupid.

This apparently falls under our water and garbage bill, which is cool. And we're glad that we can now do recycling.

Problem is, they dropped off the bins the last week of August. They don't actually *start* pickup until the week of Oct 5th and our week isn't until the following week.

80-90% of what we personally throw away is recycleable. Our bin is already half full. We had ONE bag of actual garbage in our garbage bin this week.


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Aug. 27th, 2015

So cannot wait.

I haven't been this excited about a sewing machine in , well, ever.}:P

My husband's paternal grandmother received this glorious machine, in the cabinet, in Dec of 1940.

Emily's Sewing machine

My sister in law inherited it when she passed a number of years ago. She no longer had the room for it and had never used it, so we took it, as I had always said if she ever wanted to get rid of it, I'd take it, with the intention of using it as it deserved.

It is now in the process of being serviced, cleaning and the motor pulley replaced at a wonderful locally owned sewing machine shop- we get it back within the week and it'll cost less than we expected too, so that's a bonus. Then, it'll be used as it was meant to be.

The really fun part about this, is that Emily kept everything- the original bottle of sewing machine oil, the original owner's manual, original attachments, bobbins, old patterns, buttons and even the original receipt from purchase.

More fun photos here-

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Aug. 25th, 2015

I suck at keeping up this journal.

If I knew a way to get my Twitter or Instagram, or even Tumblr to crosspost, it'd be so much easier. (Instagram crossposts to Tumblr which crossposts to Twitter. Heh.) Anyone who has suggestions as to how to get any of the three to crosspost here, I'm all ears.

Lately, I've been working on finishing up the gaming bags I have made up, and needing sewn together. Out of 70+, only 11 more to go. Then I'll either make up some steampunk themed jewelry, or more gaming bag shells to sew together. Probably the former since I don't have much and I think that will sell quite well at Mysticon 2016 (I have a hallway 'fan table setup this time around).

In real life news, my dad has been having health issues. He's on the mend now, so that's good.

The new next door neighbors we thought, hoped, would be reasonably good neighbors are turning into annoying neighbors. We don't care that your landlord refuses to provide blinds, they're cheap at Walmart, go buy your own. We don't care that your landlord dumped a bunch of fill dirt in the front yard- it's his yard, he can do what he wants. Get some pots to grow shit in if you want a garden so badly. No you cannot use our WiFi, let alone have our password- we don't fucking know you. We don't care that he won't go Section 8 housing, that's your problem, not ours, take it up with the housing authority.

We don't have the spider and biting gnat issues you seem to have, but having stood upstairs and watched a huge, adult RAT come from under your house and head towards my garden- now we know what's stealing our Cherokee Purple tomatoes before they're larger than 1.5"- it's not surprising that you seem to have bug issues. However, take it up with your landlord, not us.

If they're there next year, I"ll be very surprised.

On the house hunting front, I made an executive decision last night, in that we are not really ready to go find a house, not this fall, let alone next spring. So, by mutual agreement, we have decided that, if we are ready, next fall or spring 2017 is when we will really start looking. That gives us a year or to enjoy the patio area we're finishing up this summer, pay off the credit cards and potentially have a lot more in savings as well as have a better selection, price wise , since, obstensively, we'll be able to afford more, to find the forever property we really want.

We've pretty much gotten this place set the way we mostly want, yes, there's still a bit of space issue, and yeah, can't really have a whole crowd of people over, but it works well enough for us and we can always get rid of quite a bit more as well.

So. That's pretty much what's going on here. How about you?

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Jun. 23rd, 2015

One bad experience can ruin it all.

So we signed up for Loot Crate this month. This month's theme was 'cyber' and was supposed to have stuff from one of our favorite video games (Borderlands), so we figured it'd be a great first loot crate to experience and see if we like it enough to continue.

They claim to schedule deliveries to arrive between the 20th and 25th of each month. They say this repeatedly, everywhere.

The first sign something was off was when I got the tracking number on the 18th, saying it'd been generated on the 9th. I thought, ok, maybe it's been shipped and I'll get the box early next week.

But the tracking never updated. Never changed beyond the number being generated. Look on their Facebook page and see many comments about this same issue, as well as others bragging about receiving their boxes. Some comment that this has been going on like this for 2 months now. (WTF, over?!?)

Cue frustration and disappointment. Yesterday, still no updated tracking information.

This morning, finally get updated tracking to say it's not even scheduled to ship until the 22nd and not due to arrive until the 26th.

So much for that 'deliveries arrive between the 20th and 25th of the month' spiel.

Very unhappy and disappointed. This has not been a good experience and I doubt we'll continue now.

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Oh, and now apparently, I'm not allowed to complain over 'a one day delay' according to some asshole on the Loot Crate Facebook page. No, asshole, I'm complaining over the fact that the tracking number was generated THREE WEEKS before the shipment was even scheduled to ship and that information as to WHY has been seriously lacking. And the fact that it's happened to quite a number of other people this month as well.

But noo.... fanboi says I'm not allowed to complain about something I damn well paid for.
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Jun. 20th, 2015

Facebook's 'authentic name' bullshit continues. #MyNameIs

A friend contacted me this week about a friend of hers who now has to confirm her name. This person is even a published author under the name she chooses to use publicly. She at least will have plenty of documentation to back herself up.

However, the friend of mine who was hit yesterday with the 'confirm your' name bullshit, doesn't.

I've known her by the name she uses online for as long as I've known here- 7-8 years now. She, however, doesn't have near as much documentation as I had. But you know what? That shouldn't matter. The fact that THIS is the name she chooses to be known by is all that should matter.

Facebook shouldn't be forcing people to go through this humiliating, demeaning and invasive process just to prove that yes, they are using an 'authentic' name according to whatever halfassed algorithm they have decided to use.

People's FRIENDS and FAMILY are the ones who should decide is the name is authentic or not. The person USING the name should be the one to decide whether that name is authentic or not. Not some faceless entity on a damn computer.

This is absolutely ridiculous and it needs to stop, not increase. People really need to start speaking up about this, not waiting until Facebook comes for them or their friends. Otherwise, soon, there won't be any friends to speak up for them.

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